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Cala Millor, Spain

by WCC on June 14, 2012

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Cala Millor is one of tourism place stamped on the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca. It is located on the east coast of the island in the region (Comarca) Llevant. Cala Millor has 6574 inhabitants (2010). The northern Cala Millor belongs to the municipality of Son Servera, the newer southern district of the peninsula towards Punta de n’Amer to the municipality of Sant Llorenc Cardassar. The border between the two communities located in the streets Carrer de sa Figuera and Carrer de Sol Naixent.

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Cala Millor is 64 kilometers from Palma and 17 kilometers from Manacor, located on the bay of Son Servera ( Badia de Son Servera), a major sea inlet to the east coast of Mallorca between the Cape of Pinar to the north and south of the peninsula of Punta de n’Amer. As the name of the bay is also Badia d’Arta still in use, the dates from a time when the present-day communities Son Servera, Capdepera and Arta Arta formed the greater community.

The development of the site is north of the street Carrer de la Magnolia in the neighboring village of Cala Bona on who owns the nearest port. To the south was Cala Millor in recent decades, little by little until the beginning of the Peninsula de Punta n’Amer at the Cala Nau added. Here, the sites were Moro Son and Son Moro Bonavista collected, so that today is generally only spoken of Cala Millor. Son and Son Moro Moro Bonavista, however, be recorded in the number of inhabitants of the municipality of Sant Llorenc Cardassar nor as independent sites.

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The western boundary of the village of Cala Millor is the highway MA-4027 from Cala Bona in the direction of Porto Cristo. The closed construction of the tourist resort of the road has not yet been fully achieved. Two kilometers west of this road is the town in traditional Mallorcan style Son Servera, with Cala Millor by the highway MA-4026 is connected. Sant Llorenc of Cardassar away from Son Servera another seven kilometers to the island’s interior.

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