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Caesars Palace Las Vegas NV

by WCC on February 15, 2013

in North America

Caesars Palace is a luxury hotel that is conveniently located near the airport on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. The owner and the operator of the hotel is Caesars Entertainment Corporation, who bought the hotel in 2001 after the hotel had changed hands from various owners like The Hilton Corporation and Hilton. The hotel also features a convention facility. Caesars Palace Las Vegas has six towers, Augustus, Roman, Centurion, Palace, Forum and Octavian. Each tower features a unique set of rooms, the Forum tower featuring rooms that have a space of a thousand square feet.

1920x1080 caesars palace las vegas Caesars Palace Las Vegas NV

Caesars Palace hotel is equipped with all the latest features including a health spa, spa tub and a health club. The hotel is also meant as a perfect place for the guests staying for a business trip with its meeting rooms, business

center and a help desk.

Apart from the regular amenities and features, Caesars Palace also includes additional features including a casino, a nightclub and outdoor swimming pools. The most popular attraction of the hotel is The Colosseum at Caesars, which is an entertainment venue at the hotel, which seats approximately 4,296 people. The venue hosts many performances by popular artists, the first being Celine Dion’s, A new Day. The hotel has many other entertainment and attractions for those guests looking for an active nightlife as well as an exciting day. Some of those attractions include Pure Nightclub and The pussycat dolls Lounge, which is next to the Pure Nightclub. The Club is frequently visited by various celebrities and they host parties that one can enter through invitations. It also offers three separate spaces for partying and each space has its own DJ, Terrace and Lounge and music area. The Hotel also features some free shows including The Fall of Atlantis and the Festival Fountain.

1680x1050 Caesars Palace Forum Shops Caesars Palace Las Vegas NV

Caesars Palace Hotel Las Vegas has recently opened a new venue that is equally worth a visit, called the Caesars Magical Empire. It showcases major Magicians like Whit Haydn, Lee Asher, TC Tahoe, Michael Ammar, Alain Nu and Jon Armstrong. The hotel also hosts a couple of sporting events which might interest the sports lovers. Some of the previous sporting events held at the Hotel are the Caesars Palace Grand Prix and a couple of boxing championships in the hotel’s outdoor arena.

1280x1024 Sunrise Las Vegas Nevada Caesars Palace Las Vegas NV

The hotel is also popular for a number of successful and unsuccessful stunts that have been pulled off at the hotel over the years including Robbie Knievel jumping over the hotel’s fountain with his motorcycle in 1989 after his father’s unsuccessful attempt in 1967.

1204x800 Las Vegas Sign Caesars Palace Las Vegas NV

The hotel has more than three thousand rooms, all of them situated in their six towers. The rooms in Caesars Palace hotel have all the modern amenities needed for the comfort and memorable stay of their guests like the spa and qua bath. The staff is friendly and ever ready to help their guests in any way they can. The hotel is perfect for not just family and leisure but business travelers as well. The hotel boasts impeccable service and unlimited luxury from the moment guests step into the hotel up till the moment they leave.

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