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Cadiz, Spain

by WCC on June 11, 2012

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Cadiz is the capital of the province of Cádiz in the autonomous region of Andalusia in southern Spain with 124,892 inhabitants (1 January 2011). The town stands on a promontory in the bay of Cadiz projecting. This is a small part of the Gulf of Cadiz. The old town with the neighborhoods (Spanish barrios) El Populo, La Viña, and Santa María is in stark contrast to the skyscrapers of the modern new town. The town is dominated by many small places. The people of Cadiz are Gaditanos called.

cadiz playa Cadiz, Spain

cadiz playa

According to legend the city was by Hercules founded, it convenes today for its coat of arms with the inscription “Hercules Fundator Gadium Domination Torque” (Hercules, founder and ruler of Cadiz). Historically (Cadiz is Phoenician. ‘gdr (Gadir); Greek : Gadeira) was founded by the Phoenicians. This recognized the favorable situation of the island (in the 17th century it became a peninsula) at the mouth of Jerez, close to the silver -rich Tartessos and halfway to the “Tin Islands” (UK). The Roman historian Velleius Paterculus gave as the date of the groundbreaking “80 years after the Trojan War”, ie about 1100 BC onwards, a settlement archeology of the area was only from the middle of the 8th Century BC are found.

Cadiz is known mainly for the domestic summer visitors. During the summer months, thousands of families from Madrid, Barcelona and many other locations throughout Spain here. Carnaval de Cadiz (at the same time as in Germany – February). Unique and popular worldwide, with many visitors from all over the world. Highlights: chirigotas, comparsas and the date on which the whole city is covered.

cadiz sunset Cadiz, Spain

cadiz sunset

cadiz spain Cadiz, Spain

cadiz spain

cadiz carnival Cadiz, Spain

cadiz carnival

cadiz beach Cadiz, Spain

cadiz beach

cadiz Cadiz, Spain


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