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by WCC on March 3, 2012

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Burundi – is a small country in East Africa, although it has some cultural and geographical ties with Central Africa. It is surrounded by Rwanda, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Burundi covers 27.834 km ² with an estimated population of almost 8.7 million. Although the country does not have access to the sea, is a large part of south-western boundary adjacent to Lake Tanganyika, one of the deepest lakes in the world.

burundi africa Burundi

burundi africa

Burundi is one of the ten least developed countries in the world and has a GDP per capita is among the lowest of all the nations of the world. Burundi’s low rate of GDP is mainly due to civil wars, corruption, poor people’s access to education, political instability and the impact of HIV / AIDS. Cobalt and copper are among the nation’s natural resources. Other resources include coffee, sugar and tea.

Burundi is no different than any other nation, young and jealous of all the elements that constitute its very rich culture: dances, musical rhythms and crafts. Your goal is to transfer the legacy of their ancestors and forefathers of goods and the objects shown, they sure like to compose it is dancing.

The country is divided into 16 provinces (Bubanza, Bujumbura, Bururi, Cankuzo, Cibitokeas “common” in rural areas, “neighborhoods” is divided into the capital, there are a total of 117 of these groups. Among them there are several levels down from the government, including the industry, the “hill” or hill, and the smallest group, the “Nyumba Kumi” or “group of 10 houses.”

Bujumbura – the capital and largest city located on the northeastern shore of Lake Tanganyika
Bururi – City South
Cibitoke – northwest of the city
Gitega – the former colonial capital, the second largest city in the center of the country
Muyinga – northeast of the city
Ngozi – in the north of the city

Get in Burundi
All nationalities require a visa to attend except citizens of Burundi, Uganda. In Europe, Visa available at the Embassy of Burundi in Belgium. A visa costs 80 U.S. dollars on arrival at the airport or can be purchased before the trip from the embassy.

A one-month visa from the Embassy of Burundi in Kampala is $ 90 (as of March 2010, it was $ 40 a letter of invitation was necessary, but this requirement was dropped after a few to argue.). A visa on arrival at the border is $ 40, but is only valid for 3 days!

By Air
Bujumbura International Airport is served by passenger airlines below: Kenya Airways (Nairobi), Fly 540 (Nairobi) Rwandair Express (Kigali, Johannesburg), Ethiopia (Addis Ababa), Brussels Airlines (Brussels). Air Burundi is currently not working (March 2010)

By Bus
Buses are mostly in Bujumbura, around the central market. It is the international bus to Rwanda. Understand the company Amahoro Belveder Otraco and Yahoo. It is also possible to obtain in Burundi in the East. To do this, take the bus to Kabanga (Tanzania), and from there take a taxi to the border with Burundi. Running from the south, minibuses from Kasulu Manyovu where Boda Boda you through the border crossing with Burundi. Shared taxis are still there in Mabanda. Minibuses also run Gatumba on the border between the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bujumbura.

You can use ferries to travel along Lake Tanganyika, but they do not work together regularly.

burundi landscape Burundi

burundi landscape

Sites and Monuments
In Bujumbura, climb the “Belvedere” on the top of the hill, a dominating point of the city. You can access the mausoleum of Prince Louis Rwagasore, founder of the party Uprona and heroes attend the independence of Burundi.

Ten kilometers south of Bujumbura, the Mugere Livingstone-Stanley Monument, a stone marking a place where two famous explorers David Livingstone and HM Stanley spent two nights at 25 to 27 November 1871 as Chief Mukamba customers during their joint exploration of the northern end of the Lake Tanganyika, after their first meeting in Ujiji, Tanzania 15 days ago.

114 km from Bujumbura, Bujumbura, on the road-based Ijenda Rutovu Matana, a city where a pyramid was built at the southernmost source of the Nile, at an altitude of 2000 m.

It is impossible, worth a detour all the places that Burundi is a veritable Garden of Eden defying weather and the perception of people list an irresistible attraction. Arrival in Bujumbura, go for all your trips, routes and tours at the Tourist Office, where an array can be made available. You can see everything: breaking Nyakazu East, falling Karera, the panoramas of Lake Tanganyika and Vyanda Kabonambo, the tea plantations of Teza or Rwegura. The reservoir will be built on the site, surrounded by beautiful countryside. In short, a synthesis of curiosities worth devotes part of your holiday money.

Although most travelers will find that they move well to transient with a good knowledge of French (and increasingly also in English), is a certain familiarity with the local language or Swahili, Kirundi, helpful, particularly in rural areas. The problem may be that Kirundi is easy to learn extremely difficult. Kirundi and Kinyarwanda (the national language of Rwanda) are quite similar.

Burundi has a thriving craft, delicate forms with unique and attractive. Burundi has developed plastic arts recently. Visitors can find Gitega and Bujumbura talented artist to be able to scenes on wooden boards and paint landscapes with beautiful carving in bluish shadow backgrounds.
The currency is the Burundian franc (BIF). On 18 July 2011, 1 USD = 1227 BIF, BIF = 1 1736 EUR and GBP 1 = 1977 BIF.

For the international traveler, Burundi offers some culinary surprises – fresh fish from Lake Tanganyika and produce the wealth of the nation’s volcanic soil is particularly noteworthy. There is a large South Asian community, offering curried dishes with rice and beans and more traditional French-inspired European offerings. For lighter meals, samosas and skewered meats are together, and bananas and fresh fruit are often served as a sweet snack.

burundi food Burundi

burundi food

The national dish is the beef skewers (kebabs) and grilled bananas (plantains) are available almost everywhere.

Soft drinks and beer are readily available. As in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, are the big 72cl bottles of Primus for between $ 1 available – $ 2 and Amstel, which is about $ 2. Both are locally produced and of good quality.

Although housing in rural areas can be basic, Bujumbura hosts a series of international quality hotel, catering to customers mainly from the UN and the international. Other notable hotels include the source of the Nile ($ 120/night), Botanika Hotel ($ 85/night), the Clos de Limbas ($ 70/night) and the new, English Sun Safari.
A cheaper option is the saga of Residence for $ 25 per night.

burundi culture Burundi

burundi culture

burundi people Burundi

burundi people

burundi map Burundi

burundi map

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