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Bunaken National Park, Indonesia

by WCC on March 21, 2012

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The Bunaken National Park (Indonesian Taman Nasional Bunaken ) is an Indonesian conservation area in the northwestern corner of the island of Sulawesi ( Sulawesi Utara ) to the island of Bunaken ( Pulau Bunaken ). The park is located about 3 km off the mainland of North Sulawesi in the vicinity of Manado and was established 1997th Its name refers to its capacity as an underwater national park. He is on the southeastern edge of the Celebes Sea ( Sulawesisee ) show.

Bunaken National Park 550x412 Bunaken National Park, Indonesia

Bunaken National Park

The underwater national park of Bunaken covering an area of 750 square kilometers and includes the islands of Manado Tua continues one, Siladen, Montehage and Nain. Here divers will find one of the best Indonesian dive sites. Over 300 species of coral and 3,000 species of fish have been recorded here. Among a variety of sharks, there are also gray reef sharks and black tip reef sharks , along with whale sharks , giant manta rays and giant morays . Particularly impressive are the huge escarpments in the ocean depth (drop offs). In Manado Tua is a dormant volcano. Previously, the island served as a base for Spanish and Portuguese in the spice trade.

bunaken under water 550x412 Bunaken National Park, Indonesia

bunaken under water

bunaken island 550x386 Bunaken National Park, Indonesia

bunaken island

bunaken 550x412 Bunaken National Park, Indonesia


Afternoon Bunaken National Marine Park 550x369 Bunaken National Park, Indonesia

Afternoon Bunaken National Marine Park

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