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Bujagali Falls

by WCC on March 21, 2012

in Africa

Bujagali Falls (also spelled Budhagali) was a waterfall near Jinja in Uganda where the Nile flows from Lake Victoria, which is often seen as the source of the Nile. From November 2011 on, the cases will be overwhelmed by the Bujagali dam rebuilt.

bujagali falls uganda Bujagali Falls

bujagali falls uganda

An acute power crisis has implications for the livelihoods of millions of people in Uganda and is threatening the country’s development. Hospitals, schools, businesses and residences suffer daily power cuts, the Ugandan economy stunted by about one percent of gross domestic product and gross domestic product. The Bujagali Hydropower Project is a hydroelectric power plant of 200 MW under construction on the Victoria Nile in Uganda, the energy crisis of the country to be addressed. The project supports the Government of Uganda’s broader development, focused largely on improving the investment climate to foster growth and reduce poverty.

Others say that the power will not cost the dam to the needs of the vast majority of the population, will drown a sacred waterfall, and could do more damage to Lake Victoria, the largest lake make tropical world. Approximately 6,800 people will be directly affected by the creation of the dam.

The falls are said by locals to be the site of a spirit, called the “Spirit of Bujabald” protects the community by rituals in the fall. The spirit in man, Yeah Bujabald is formed, who lives next to the grave, it is the 39th Person, to his mind.

bujagali falls rafting Bujagali Falls

bujagali falls rafting

The man for his 95-year-old worked as a physician, preferably with native plants and herbs. Many people said they saw him, walked on water. In fact, he seemed to be in a position that is where others have not dared to go further.

During the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, dead bodies thrown into the lake, remained in the rocks of the case; Bujagali removed and buried. His prediction is that many people die and others will fall mad, if destroyed, the nature and the dam is built.

bujagali falls africa Bujagali Falls

bujagali falls africa

bujagali falls panorama Bujagali Falls

bujagali falls panorama

bujagali waterfalls Bujagali Falls

bujagali waterfalls

bujagali falls tourism Bujagali Falls

bujagali falls tourism

bujagali falls picture Bujagali Falls

bujagali falls picture

bujagali falls rafting action Bujagali Falls

bujagali falls rafting action

bujagali falls Bujagali Falls

bujagali falls

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