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Bucharest, Romania

by WCC on March 13, 2012

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Bucharest is the capital of Romania . She is just under two million people and an urban agglomeration of 2.6 million inhabitants, the sixth largest city in the European Union. After 1659 Bucharest Targoviste was replaced as the state capital once it became a political, economic and cultural center of Wallachia , and later in Romania. The city has several universities , a number of other universities as well as numerous theaters , museums and other cultural institutions.

bucharest Bucharest, Romania


The cosmopolitan high culture and the dominant French influence in the architecture of the city earned her the nickname Micul Paris (“Little Paris”, and “Paris of the East”) a. In the office of the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu were destroyed expansive historic district to the monumental wedding-cake style of the dictator to make room.

Bucharest is 55 to 96.3 meters above sea level in the center of the Wallachian plain 68 kilometers north of the Danube west and 280 kilometers of the Black Sea . The city is of the Dâmboviţa traversed, its tributary, the Colentina forms in the north of the city a chain of nine natural lakes. Bucharest was a legend, founded by a shepherd named Bucur. Bucurie called in Romanian fortunate pleasure, and Bucur is a common surname. In the etymological sense means Bucur: . you’re happy Another story tells of the Getic king Dromichaites, of Freudenstadt built.

bucharest winter Bucharest, Romania

bucharest winter

bucharest romania Bucharest, Romania

bucharest romania

bucharest palace Bucharest, Romania

bucharest palace

bucharest europe Bucharest, Romania

bucharest europe

bucharest city Bucharest, Romania

bucharest city

The population of the city increased steadily since 1778 until 1992. Bucharest has always attracted a number of job seekers, which led to a rapid increase in population in the city. In particular, the planned economic development of the Ceauşescu era led to a sharp increase in population, which required the construction of new neighborhoods. An exodus began in the first half of the 1990s. Many of the immigrants in the 1980s, workers who were unemployed in the following decade, went back to their places of origin. Since about 1995, also many (especially well-off) Bucharest moved to the rural environment of the city. Bucharest has now 1.9 million inhabitants, making it by far the most populous city in Romania. Bucharest is home to around half of Romania’s street children . You are at the Bucharest North train station or stations can not be overlooked as Piata Victoriei.

bucharest nightlife Bucharest, Romania

bucharest nightlife

bucharest girls Bucharest, Romania

bucharest girls

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