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Bruges Belgium, A Mecca of Beauty

by WCC on February 1, 2013

in Europe

Bruges, located in the northern part of Belgium, is a town in Flanders. With charms that are rarely available elsewhere, it is a picture perfect town that looks like the backdrop for a fairy tale.  It is one of best preserved cities in Europe, with medieval overtones and countless historical and architectural wonders.

Burges is a city suspended in time, with intricate canals lined with ornate houses, medieval Flemish architecture and cobbled streets. The city, which is often compared to Venice because of its intricate canal system, has a

1920x1080 Canal Bruges Belgium Bruges Belgium, A Mecca of Beauty

distinct Florentine touch and a Renaissance flamboyance because of its prosperous time during the sixteenth century. Another similarity of the city with Venice is the fact that they both were famous for their high quality lace.

The most popular place to visit in Bruges is the Burg main square, where all the old traditions are still kept alive, with an abundance of market stalls and lace shops. The place is also filled with medieval brick buildings and three

towers that are visible practically above your head. Other places of interest is the Basilica of the Holy Blood, which houses a vial of blood that is said to belong to Jesus, the Jerusalem Church, which is a really unusual octagonal towered church built by the Adornes brothers and Onze Lieve Vrouwkerk, which is a church with Gothic and Romanesque architecture.

1920x1080 Bruges Belgium Canal Bruges Belgium, A Mecca of Beauty

Bruges also features wide variety of places to visit for a number of tourists, including the Choco-story Museum, which tells the story of chocolate as it transformed from cocoa beans to chocolate and The Friet Museum, which is the only museum that tells the story of how a potato transformed into a fry. On the other hand, tourists wanting some peace and quiet can visit the Beguinage, which was traditionally a community made up of widows and other women who fell on hard times, or one can simply explore the many cobbled streets, away from the main shopping areas.

1680x1050 Bruges Belgium Bruges Belgium, A Mecca of Beauty

The city also features different modes of transport to tour the city, the most popular of which are the horse drawn carts, which takes you on a thirty minute trip around the city of Bruges; Tour boats, which allows you to see places in the city which would otherwise have been unreachable; and Bruges Ballooning, which are hot air balloon flights that offer the most stunning and unique views of the city.

1920x1080 Waterfront Bruges Bruges Belgium, A Mecca of Beauty

Bruges also hosts rather unique and charming festivals, including the Snow and Ice Sculpture festival, which is built by a team of forty professional artists using an extraordinarily large amount of ice, kept in a cool hall which is kept at -6 degrees Celsius.

401221 1680x1050 Belguim Store Front Bruges Belgium, A Mecca of Beauty

Anyone planning to visit the city of Bruges can make reservations at the Hotel Prinsenhof. It is a conveniently located hotel with the excitement and the base of the vibrant city just a little distance away. The hotel offers the use of a wide range of facilities and amenities, including a Jacuzzi and disabled facilities, which are geared to ensure the complete comfort and convenience of their guests.

1680x1050 Belgium Bruges Belgium, A Mecca of Beauty

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