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Broome, Australia

by WCC on June 6, 2012

in Australia

Broome is one of the Indian Ocean coast city situated in the region of Kimberley , in northern Western Australia . It lies about 2,200 km from Perth .Broome was founded in 1883. It was named after the then governor of the colony of Western Australia, Frederick Broome .

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When it became known that on the seabed pearls are found, witnessed by the Broome Pearls noise was a boom and the “pearl capital of the southern hemisphere.” The pearling industry of the town covered 80 percent of the world’s pearl -demand. About 5,000 new settlers, mostly Chinese, Japanese, Aborigines and South Sea Islanders were attracted. 1910 there was one in Roebuck Bay nearly 400 pearl diving boats, called lugger . From October 1929 ended with the Great Depression and the advent of artificial pearls and cultured pearls of the boom, and the place fell into insignificance.

Broome was born on 3 March 1942 bombing of the Japanese, where 88 people died. In the early 1950s witnessed a small revival of Broome’s pearling industry, economic principal source of income but, more recently, tourism. During the high season live in Broome approximately 30,000 residents, usually about 14,000 people. Since 1966, Broome is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Broome .

Broome Sunset 550x359 Broome, Australia

Broome Sunset

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broome coast

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Broome Beach

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