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Bromo, Indonesia

by WCC on June 13, 2012

in Asia

The Bromo ( indon. Gunung Bromo) is a composite volcano on the Indonesian island of Java . The 2329 m high volcano is the youngest crater of the Tengger volcanic massif and one of the most active volcanoes on Java. He is in the National Park Bromo-Tengger-Semeru and is a popular tourist destination. During an outbreak on 8 June 2004, two people died.

bromo 550x412 Bromo, Indonesia


On 23 November 2010 began a new eruptive phase a radius of 2 kilometers around the crater has been temporarily blocked . The airport lies near Malang was to take special care and called on the inhabitants of the region were dust masks distributed. A particularly popular lookout point on Mount Bromo is Gunung Penanjakan . Lying behind the Bromo Semeru sent several times within an hour his recurring small and occasionally larger eruptions.

The Bromo-Tengger massif is part of a volcanic chain that extends along the Sunda arc extends. These are volcanoes around a subduction zone , which by the lowering of the Indonesia -Australian plate under the Eurasian plate along the Sunda Trench is formed. The ascending process of this magma feeding the volcanoes of the volcanic chain that extends from the Andaman Islands of Sumatra and Java to East Timor extended.

bromo mountain 550x412 Bromo, Indonesia

bromo mountain

bromo malang 550x412 Bromo, Indonesia

bromo malang

Bromo indonesia 550x412 Bromo, Indonesia

Bromo indonesia

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