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Brasilia – Brazil

by WCC on May 14, 2012

in South America

Brasilia is the capital of Brazil and a masterpiece of modernist architecture and urbanism. Listed Heritage, attracts fans of architecture worldwide. Brasilia is also an important transport center with regard to travel both within Brazil and South America because of its geographical position on the continent.

brasilia Brasilia   Brazil


Brasilia is located in the Midwest Region of the country. It is a planned city, was built in three years during the 1950s, an uninhabited area of the cerrado. Its layout, created by the great Brazilian architect and urban planner Lucio Costa, is similar to the shape of a bird or plane and is based on two axes of movement that intersect in the downtown area:

  • Monumental Axis – contains the government buildings and major civic monuments
  • Shaft Road – along which lie the residential areas, commercial and functional city.

The huge artificial lake, the Lake Paranoá , was created both as a recreational area and to mitigate the effects of climate in the driest months.

brasilia cathredal Brasilia   Brazil

brasilia cathredal

brasilia cathredal interior design Brasilia   Brazil

brasilia cathredal interior design

brasilia modern green city Brasilia   Brazil

brasilia modern green city

brasilia bridge Brasilia   Brazil

brasilia bridge

About the climate, the average minimum and maximum is 17 ° C to 28 ° C (63-82 ° F). The months of August and September are hot and dry and require special care, especially the consumption of enough water. In return, this time the going down of the sun becomes beautiful city, with shades of pink, orange and red. The months of May, June and July temperatures are pleasant (sometimes causes very cold in the mornings) and few rains, encouraging outdoor activities. Moreover, in November, December, January and February are very wet, is when the savannah vegetation becomes more lush and photogenic.

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