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by WCC on February 20, 2012

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Bostwana – Botswana is in Southern Africa .The region of present-day Botswana in 1883 as Betchuanaland integrated into the British Empire. In 1966 under President Seretse Khama Botswana gained independence from Britain.

botswana africa Bostwana

botswana africa

Today there is in Botswana, a democratic multi-party system, which basically consists of the ruling majority party of the Tswana of Botswana Democracy Party (BDP) and the relatively weak opposition, the Botswana People’s Party (BPP), the Botswana Independence Party (BIP) and the Botswana National Front (BNF).


Gaborone is the capital of the country. It lies just north of the South African border. Gaborone is now considered the fastest-growing city on the continent. The city offers little for tourists and is often used merely as Durchreiseort, may increase in travelers. Maun is the gateway to the Okavango Delta and a hub for flights from Windhoek and Johannesburg . The airport is located in the city (no transfer required). From Maun airport there are flights over the delta Okowango to 60 U.S. dollars (2006). Kasane a town on the Chobe National Park through traffic. of Namibia to the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe .

botswana safari Bostwana

botswana safari

botswana Bostwana


botswana animal Bostwana

botswana animal

National Parks

-Central Kalahari Game Reserve
-Chobe National Park
-Moremi Game Reserve (in the Okavango Delta )
-Makgadikgadi Pans National Park
-Gemsbok National Park

Culture and Climate

Botswana is dominated politically and economically from the Tswana ethnic group. The Tswana people actually do not exclude the majority, as is claimed by many officials. Alongside them live more than 40 other ethnic groups in the country, but they are largely powerless.

Botswana is the year hot and dry. At the mildest climate in the winter months (June to September), while there in the summer months, especially in October and November, can be unbearably hot. The rainy season begins in November.

Setswana and English are the official languages ​​of the country. In addition, a number of other languages ​​are spoken, but they are not officially recognized. Most people in the cities speak English. In remote villages only Setwana. Botswana’s currency is the Pula, 100 thebe = 1 pula. In Setswana, pula means “rain” and thebe means “protection” or “blessing”. The conversion is about 5:1 (U.S. dollars), 6:1 (EUR), 10:1 (GBP) and 1:1.3 (South African Rand). The daily food is rice or dad with beef or chicken. Often with vegetables.

Botswana is one of the safest countries in southern Africa. The crime rate is low. However, it may well come to purse thefts. Expensive jewelry should not be worn obvious. In addition, it recommends itself to keep an eye on wallets, cell phone and camera. Motsuana are very cheerful and friendly people. You always look forward to a welcome to Setsuana “Dumela-ra” (a man) and “Dumela-maa” (a woman).

Getting There

Air Botswana and South Africa offer flights to Gaborone. Are scheduled domestic flights only with Air Botswana to Maun. Maun is also accessible from Windhoek, so as a connecting flight from Frankfurt.

There is bus service from Johannesburg to Gaborone and from there to Maun, Kasane, Francistown and in other cities. Within Botswana there is a good mini bus network between the larger towns.

In the larger cities of Botswana, there is a selection of car rentals. It is however advisable to hire on arrival in Johannesburg / South Africa already have a car and take over the border. The cost of a car a car rental agency in South Africa are lower than in Botswana.

Generally, when driving on the road to be respected, since it can always come back to deer crossing the road. In addition, cattle frequently pass the streets. Whereas, because of the game change to take anything at night to avoid accidents. Roads in Botswana are generally not traveled too much and the motorists driving in comparison to neighboring states conservative.

botswana landscape Bostwana

botswana landscape

botswana leopard Bostwana

botswana leopard

botswana food Bostwana

botswana food

kulala botswana Bostwana

kulala botswana

botswana culture Bostwana

botswana culture

botswana people Bostwana

botswana people

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