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in South America

Bolivia is located in western South America . Neighboring countries are Peru , Brazil ,Paraguay , Argentina and Chile .
The Altiplano is a plateau which lies between the two Kordillerenketten, and extends from the Peruvian border to Argentina. It has interrupted an area of 200,000 sq km and is surrounded by several mountain ranges that extend up to 4000 meters. Lake Titicaca is 3810 m. above sea level. M. the highest lake in the world and the largest in Latin America.He has in some places a depth of 281 meters. For swimming it is unfortunately not appropriate to recommend an average temperature of 12 ° C, only for die-hards. He is very slightly salty.

bolivia Bolivia


The Eastern Cordillera is a fold mountain. In the northern part between Lake Titicaca and La Paz, it is called the Cordillera (Cordillera Real).

The valleys of the Yungas lie on the eastern side of the Eastern Cordillera, in a height of 1000 to 3500 m. above sea level. M. It extends east from La Paz to the north of Cochabamba. With an average yearly temperature of 18 ° C, about 1500 mm of precipitation fall. Assembled here to include coca, corn, cocoa and coffee. It belongs with his extremely lush vegetation on the sometimes steep mountain slopes, the most fascinating areas of the country. The cloud forests with giant ferns, various species of bromeliads and orchids give off a lot of colorful adorable photo opportunities.

bolivia capital la paz Bolivia

bolivia capital la paz

The area of the valleys at an altitude between 2000 – 3500 m. above sea level. M. This is land that is the same as the Altiplano basin and from planes. To this regard include the fertile valleys of Cochabamba and Sucre on to Tarija and they will (los Valles de Zona) designated as a zone of valleys. In part, this densely populated area, operated because of the mild average temperatures, plenty of fruits and vegetables.

The lowlands of the North and East is partly level and partly to the Amazon to the La Plata Basin of Argentina. It thus represents a continuation, in the highlands of incipient watershed of the South American continent dar.

Bolivia is one of the countries of South America, where the pre-Columbian traditions are still vibrant. There are many relics of the Incas, which can be visited and give a good insight into this culture. But the people, the majority of which have indigenous ancestors living, especially in rural areas still under the customs and traditions of a bygone era, such as the cult of Pachamama, a curious mix of indigenous and Christian elements. A festival is popular throughout the vibrant, colorful carnival, which has its own character and is often drinking, partying and sexual escapades on the country’s only excuse the people for a week.

bolivia map Bolivia

bolivia map

The traveler will also spectacular nature. From rain forest to desert, there are as good as anything, the attractions include mountain giants, strange rock formations, spectacular, colorful valleys and unimaginably vast plains with salt pans. Even the colonial architecture of the city is worth seeing, especially the historical centerpiece of the former Silver City Potosi .
Economically, the country is the poorer countries of the subcontinent. The gap between rich and poor is very high: While the elite leads a Western-oriented, lavish lifestyle, it lacks the arms, which include, according to official statistics, more than 60% of the population, often the most necessary things. In rural areas, subsistence farming is still widespread. The people there do not yet think of sustainability.

bolivia mountain Bolivia

bolivia mountain

Are airports with international connections are available in La Paz and Santa Cruz de la Sierra . The airport of La Paz, El Alto is the hub of national and international traffic, is also served by Europe. El Alto is as the name suggests, situated very high. Should be more sensitive contemporaries Viru Viru in Santa Cruz give preference, this is lower and therefore there are fewer health problems. It landed include American Airlines, Taca, AeroSur and LAB. Flights from Germany to be generated by including connecting flights from Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich to Madrid and from Madrid to Santa Cruz AeroSur. Viru Viru is because of the altitude in comparison to El Alto and more important and is preparing to oust the airport of La Paz from first place.

bolivia santa cruz Bolivia

bolivia santa cruz

Travelling is very cheap in Bolivia to country. Often you get a few euros for a few hundred kilometers. However, one should bring a lot of time. It’s not uncommon that are needed for 300 kilometers 10 hours.
Larger airports are found only in larger cities. Many small towns have runways that are often served by smaller machines at least once a day. This is partly to grass slopes, which makes the air traffic there, unfortunately, extremely weather dependent.
With the train to travel is a real experience, which one can steal a lot of time. Uyuni – - Tupiza – currently the only route Oruro Villazón is in operation, which is far cheaper than the recommended route by bus, respectively.
The bus is the most widely used means of transport for the locals. Buses run between all major cities across Bolivia and forth, but also need their time and margins, since the road network is usually poor. Anyone who’s used a lot of comfort, some have cut back here often, as this very old seats have relatively little space and less padding. Buses generally have no toilets, so you should use the few and best stops on the trip a little drink!

bolovia people Bolivia

bolivia people

Hitchhiking is not common in Bolivia. While keeping the locals trucks, but demand money for the ride, about half of the bus fares. Sometimes these trucks are the only available means of transport.
Spanish is the official language of Bolivia. Besides Spanish, mainly in the highlands, two indigenous languages, Aymara (about 1.5 million inhabitants) and Quechua (about 2 million of the population) are spoken. Furthermore, there are two other very small ethnic groups. First, the Chipayas who speak Aymara and their own language Puquina. Furthermore, the Urus with its own language.
Besides these two indigenous languages are found mainly in the tropical lowlands about 30 different ethnic groups such as: the Ayoreo, Arawak, or Mojo Chiriguano who speak their own language.

Bolivians love going out to dance. Every small town has bars and nightclubs. In particular, karaoke bars are very popular among Bolivians. Folklore and folk-Peñas events can also be found very often, where the traditional Andean folk music. “Lounges” European-style one finds the other hand, only in large cities.
Music is played in the discos of all music genres. Even in small villages you can hear hip hop or industrial. Most popular Latin American music styles but seem like salsa, merengue, cumbia and Cuarteto be; as Latin Hip Hop is common.
Getting used to, is that in many clubs in smaller towns are no alcohol sales, instead a stand where you can buy lollipops and candies. Sometimes the alcohol (mostly beer) also sells directly to the dance floor from a freezer. Curiously, the kind of dancing in a disco: dance is generally in line, so it turns into a series and then seeks out a partner from the opposite row. If you find any, you walk in a circle around the rows of dancers around and looks for a new one. One should, however, with the “hitting on” do not overdo it, as the Bolivians are set in small towns generally more conservative.
In large cities, however, there is a quite comparable with European standards, nightlife, there is then also “normal”, that is, single, danced. The techno scene is striving and Argentina is one beside the best of South America, especially in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

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