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Bogota Colombia

by WCC on June 1, 2012

in South America

Bogota earlier is the capital of Colombia. With approximately 7.18 million inhabitants, Bogotá is also the country’s largest city and capital of the department of Cundinamarca. The International Airport of Bogotá is the El Dorado International Airport. Quinta de Bolivar Simon Bolivar resided here, hero of the wars of independence from Spain in the early 19th Century, with his partner/lover ‘Manuelita’ (popularly known as ‘la tiniebla’ called). Candelaria: The Old Town and the government buildings, and the famous Gold Museum, located in the Candelaria district in the city center.

bogota Bogota Colombia


Cerro de Monserrate: Above the town is the shrine of Montserrat, which can be reached by cable car. From here you have a wonderful view over the city. The ascent on foot is recommended for safety reasons only on weekends. Catedral de Sal: The Salt Cathedral was created from a former mine. You go through a cloister into the depths. The cathedral is beautifully lit and very atmospheric. It lies just outside. The best they can be reached by car.

bogota airport colombia Bogota Colombia

bogota airport colombia

bogota colombia Bogota Colombia

bogota colombia

bogota street view Bogota Colombia

bogota street view

The Colombians to speaks at most no more than his own mother tongue, one still finds every now and then speaks to one or another of the little English. In advance the basic questions (and answers) is therefore highly advisable to memorize.

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