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Big Island Hawaii

by WCC on March 28, 2012

in North America

Big Island (Hawaii) is a volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean and one of eight main islands that comprise the U.S. state of Hawaii . To avoid confusion between his name and that of the state, it is often called the Big Island , literally in French “Big Island”, since it is larger than all the other islands of the archipelago combined. The name come from Hawaii Hawai’iloa, browser Polynesian who have discovered. However, other sources attribute the name to the legendary realm of Hawaiki , a place from which the Polynesians would originate and where they would return after death.

big island hawaii Big Island Hawaii

big island hawaii

The geological survey of South and West flanks of Mauna Loa led to speculation that two former shield volcanoes (called Ninole and Kulani) were almost completely covered by the younger Mauna Loa. Geologists now believe that these outcrops are part of the primary formation of Mauna Loa. In its widest part, the island measures 150 km and has an area of 10 435 km 2 , equivalent to the size of Lebanon , representing 62% of the total area of the Big Island. Measured from the base of the sea floor to its highest summit, Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in the world. It is even higher than Mount Everest as the Guinness Book of Records. The coastline measures 504 km in length 1 .

Insofar as the Mauna Loa and Kīlauea are volcanoes in activity, the island is always scolding. Between January 1983 and September 2002, 220 hectares were added to the island by lava flows from Kīlauea, thus extending the shoreline of the sea Similarly, many cities were destroyed by the lava : Kapoho (1960), Kalapana (1990) and Kaimu (1990).

big island hawaii from air Big Island Hawaii

big island hawaii from air

big island hawaii wailuafalls Big Island Hawaii

big island hawaii wailuafalls

big island hawaii wallpaper Big Island Hawaii

big island hawaii wallpaper

big island kailua kona Big Island Hawaii

big island kailua kona

big island vacation Big Island Hawaii

big island vacation

big island volcano Big Island Hawaii

big island vacation

big island waterfalls Big Island Hawaii

big island waterfalls

Big Island is the southernmost island of the Hawaiian Archipelago and Ka Lae is the most southern United States. There are about thirty kilometers south-east coast of the island, an underwater volcano named Loihi . This active volcano is located 975 meters below the ocean surface. If volcanic activity continues, it is likely that several thousands of years, make the Loihi area creating an island and then is connected to Hawaii.

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