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Bern, Switzerland

by WCC on March 27, 2012

in Europe

Bern is the Federal City, and thus de facto capital of Switzerland and capital of the canton of Bern in Bern-Mittelland Administrative District (see also the question of Switzerland’s capital). She needs – apart from Zurich, Geneva, Basel and Lausanne – the largest municipalities of Switzerland with more than 133,000 inhabitants, around 352’000 people living in the agglomeration of Bern.

bern Bern, Switzerland bern

Founded in 1191, the Zähringer town, with its characteristic arcades partially preserved in their original form. Since 1218 free imperial city, Bern joined 1353 the Confederation in and developed until the 16th Century, the largest city-state north of the Alps. 1983, was Bern’s old town in the list of UNESCO world heritage included.

The city of Bern is the center of the economic region of Bern-Mittelland, which includes approximately 350,000 residents and 240,000 employees, about one third of the canton of Bern. According to census of 2008 exist in the city of Bern 8605 workplaces with 152’560 employees, 81’087 men, 71’473 women. The unemployment rate in 2007 was 3.5 percent. The city of Berne is the seat of the municipal and cantonal, but as a federal city and the federal administration, and thus the largest administrative center in Switzerland. For some time efforts, the city and agglomeration exist as Switzerland’s capital region to position more clearly. Together with the centers of Lausanne and Geneva is the city of Bern for Greater Geneva Berne area.

The city of Berne is located at 542 m above sea level. M. in the Swiss Mittelland both sides of the river Aare between the mountain belts in the south and the Bantiger in the east. The river Aare surrounds the old town of Bern with an expansive east loop (bend of the Aare). It is in the center and north of it sunk deep with a narrow valley about 30 to 50 meters in the surrounding area.

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Nora Ruiz December 5, 2012 at 12:52 pm

Your fourth photo is Luzern I believe.


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