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Benin Tourism

by WCC on January 13, 2012

in Africa

Benin is in West Africa . Neighboring countries are Togo , Burkina Faso , Niger and Nigeria.

benin beach Benin Tourism

benin beach

Cities in Benin are. Djougou is very nice for the novice has to offer, but not so much. Natitingou should not be visited during the Harmattanzeit (desert wind) because you can not even see the surrounding mountains through the haze. The National Park should also be beautiful. Parakou is only a traffic center. Nothing special. Dassa Zoum is very nice because of the magnificent caves and rock formations. Abomey has many temples and “palaces” and is known for the Voudounkult. An absolute must if you are in Benin. In the surrounding villages you can visit interesting secret Voudountempel. Cotonou is the seat of government of Benin. There are also quite nice spots in Cotonou. Porto Novo is the capital and visit well, a really comfortable place. Ouidah is full of voodoo altars. Worth seeing is the “Port de non retour”, the fort (slave prison) and the “Holy Forest”. On the way to the beach you will pass an interesting trap system. Well worth seeing. This lagoon is along the coast of Benin ganzemn, of Grand-Popo to Cotonou to Ouidah through and Porto-Novo. Ganvie is then the last must-see in Benin. A village on stilts in the middle of a lake. Almost like Venice.

 Benin Tourism

benin museum

Getting to Benin
by aircraft
The largest and only international airport located in Cotonou . Air France offers flights from 650 EUR from 750 EUR from Paris and from the surrounding countries. It is advisable to compare several options such as BSL (Basel) and MLH (Mulhouse). Furthermore, flies “Afriqiyah” of Brussels, Geneva and Düsseldorf to Tripoli. Royal Air Maroc flies from Frankfurt and Geneva Casblanca to Cotonou. Both companies come late at night (and frequently delayed) that it is advisable to book a hotel with pick-up service. There are several flights within Africa, especially to and from other countries in West Africa. So you can fly with Air Burkina to Cotonou, but only directly from Paris, via Ouagadougou.
A smaller local airport can still be found in Parakou.

benin map Benin Tourism

benin map

benin city Benin Tourism

benin city

by bus
The journey by bus is fairly straightforward. From Togo can about Kara after Djougou leave several times a day with a bush taxi. The border crossing at Lome to Cotonou is still frequented better, but the northern one is preferable, because Lome is criminal in part. From Burkina Faso , the entry is also easy, because now new asphalt roads lead through from north to south. There are buses and bush taxis from Tangieta to Cotonou. The connection from Niger is quite “simple”, because buses go here. The entry of Nigeria can be dangerous.

Mobility and languages
The railway line from Parakou to Cotonou is slowly but cozy. Unfortunately, she’s been 29th March 2007 set . From the moment is a reopening of the question. The railway line will be continued with the participation of Chinese aid workers to Niamey (Niger). However, until now (June 2009), no known construction. But take it every day (from 07:00 Clock, from Etoile Rouge ) buses from different companies to the north, Bohicon, Parakou, Natitingou and on to Ouagadougou or Malanville and on to Niamey). It is recommended to buy the ticket at least the night before. The local Zemidjans (Kékénou) should know the selling points. Instead of buses you can ride in the bush taxi, which is almost always possible. However, the ride in the bus accident moderately comfortable and safer. It is recommended in the bush taxis (2 passengers in front, 4 rear) to occupy the rear seats. Maybe buy a place to sit on something comfortable can.

benin food Benin Tourism

benin food

The official language is French. It comes with French easily cope with even a little English, especially in Cotonou, the unofficial capital city and its hotels. All other European languages ​​are useless. In smaller villages in the interior of the country you stumble with even a little French.

Tropical climate in the south very humid with two rainy seasons in south (March – mid-July and mid September – mid November) and a rainy season in the north (May – September) average temperatures 24-33 ° C in the north to the south 26-29 ° C.

benin tribes Benin Tourism

benin tribes

benin bronze Benin Tourism

benin bronze

benin art Benin Tourism

benin art

benin stamp Benin Tourism

benin stamp

benin flag Benin Tourism

benin flag

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