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Benidorm, Spain

by WCC on May 4, 2012

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Benidorm is a town on the Costa Blanca, 45 kilometers northeast of Alicante in the province of Alicante in the Valencian Community, Spain. The city has about 72 062 (as of 1 January 2011) registered residents, but the actual population is much higher. Estimates are at least 100,000, since most foreign permanent residents of the city are not officially registered. During the holiday period exceeds the number of inhabitants of Benidorm, the boundary of a half million.

benidorm Benidorm, Spain


Early 50′s Benidorm was a fishing village. The mayor Pedro Zaragoza had paved roads in 1950, visited the village with a water supply system and introduced in 1956 on a development plan. To 1967 were in Benidorm in particular high-rise buildings with hotels built for the masses that characterize the city known as a holiday destination.

After a relative stagnation of tourism from the late 1980s, more emphasis was placed on quality offerings: the plot sizes per hotel has increased, the houses structurally and improved leisure facilities. The city gave way to large-scale construction areas to the south and north from the outside and located housing developments with holiday homes and villas completed the offer. The city has made through this ongoing rejuvenation and quality supplements as a tourism destination competitive again.

Benidorm has the largest high-rise density (relative to population) worldwide, with 345 buildings with more than twelve floors. Since 1893, a first Ronda Francisco Bathhouse, the Casa de bathrooms on the Levante beach, opened more than 85 million tourists have visited Benidorm. Basis of tourism in Benidorm are the visitors from the United Kingdom, they are here, like the Germans on Mallorca, the largest group.

The city has two each 2.5 km long beach, the Playa de Poniente and the Playa de Levante and the Playa del Mal Pas between Old Town and Playa de Poniente and the Playa de Cala Tio Ximo in Rincón de Loix. As a major tourist attractions are the two major theme parks Terra Mitica and Aqualandia.

benidorm spain Benidorm, Spain

benidorm spain

benidorm nightlife Benidorm, Spain

benidorm nightlife

benidorm city Benidorm, Spain

benidorm city

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benidorm beach

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benidorm at night

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