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Belgrade, Serbia

by WCC on March 14, 2012

in Europe

Belgrade is the capital of the Republic of Serbia . The city is divided into ten municipalities and seven suburban communities. The central city has a total area of 359.96 km², the surrounding suburban areas of 2862.72 km², the surface of some communities in part of the core city to suburban and partly heard. Together they form the Okrug Belgrade with 1.71 million inhabitants (2011 census). With a population of 1,154,589 it is also at the same time the most populous city in Serbia, as well as its political, cultural and economic metropolis.

belgrade Belgrade, Serbia


With its universities , colleges and research institutions is the Belgrade superior education center and with numerous publishers, radio and television stations and daily and monthly newspapers and dominating the media center of the country. Belgrade is the seat of the Serbian Orthodox Church and the residence of the Serbian Patriarch. The largest Christian church in the Balkan peninsula, the St. Sava Cathedral , is in Belgrade.

Thanks to its location at the mouth of the Save the Danube River on the southeastern edge of the Pannonian Plain and the northern border of the Balkan Peninsula is the town focal point for traffic between Central and Southeastern Europe and the Middle East . Therefore, Belgrade is often called the gateway to the Balkans called. Belgrade is the landmark in the history often fought over the Sava flows into the Danube towering fortress of Belgrade . Nearby is the historic university observatory and across the river ( New Belgrade ) was built in 1977-79, the Sava Centar , the largest conference center of all the Balkan countries.

Belgrade was the first time at the beginning of the 15th Century capital of the medieval Serbian ruling dynasties , and since the 19th Century royal capital of Serbia . In the 20th Century it was the capital of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and Socialist Yugoslavia . By rejecting the Yugoslav and Soviet hegemony, Stalinism , and as a meeting of the Non-Aligned Belgrade was at the time of the Cold War, an important political center.

belgrade streets Belgrade, Serbia

belgrade streets

belgrade serbia Belgrade, Serbia

belgrade serbia

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belgrade night

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belgrade city

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