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by WCC on January 18, 2012

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Belgium or The Kingdom of Belgium is a country in Western Europe. It is located on the North Sea and borders the Netherlands, in Germany, Luxembourg and France. Belgium has about 11 million inhabitants in an area of 30 528 square kilometers.

belgium city Belgium

Since its independence in 1830 and 1831 constitution Belgium is a parliamentary monarchy. In the north of the kingdom is home to a majority Dutch-speaking Flemish population, in the Walloon south, however, is mostly French speaking. In the east are West Central German dialects spread.

The ongoing Flemish-Walloon conflict characterizes the conflicting interests of the representatives of the two major population groups in Belgian politics. Since the 1970s, attempts to address this problem through a decentralization to meet the state organization. To Belgium was in a state transformed from regions and communities. The three communities (Flemish, French, German-speaking) and the regions Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels-Capital today form the political basis of the country.

belgium Belgium

Belgium is a founding member of the European Economic Community (EEC), now the European Union (EU), the most important institutions in its capital Brussels have their headquarters. Together with the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg is the composite of the Benelux countries.

Belgium City

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Brussels Belgium

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Belgium Girls

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