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Belfast, Ireland

by WCC on May 21, 2012

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Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland and the second largest city of the island of Ireland after Dublin. Belfast has 267 500 inhabitants (2008) and lies at the mouth of the River Lagan in Belfast Bay (English Belfast Lough). The city has the status of a City and a form of the 26 Northern Irish counties. The Dublin-Belfast corridor along the highway three of the six million Irishmen living.

belfast Belfast, Ireland


Belfast is the seat of a Catholic bishop (the diocese of Down and Connor) and an Anglican bishop (the diocese of Down and Dromore), university and city has a seaport. The city is also the seat of government and the Parliament of Northern Ireland. The border district of Belfast were mainly in the 1970s to the scenes of the Northern Ireland conflict.

1177 originated in present-day city of a Norman castle. Belfast was founded in 1603. Given the continuing insurgency in Ireland remained Catholic, the settlement was loyal Scottish Presbyterians, especially in the area of Belfast by the Crown funded. In the 17th Century buildings of France escaped Huguenots, the linen industry on.

belfast skyline Belfast, Ireland

belfast skyline

belfast ireland Belfast, Ireland

belfast ireland

belfast city hall Belfast, Ireland

belfast city hall

In the 18th Century was an extension of the harbor. 1912 was the Belfast shipyard of Harland & Wolff built Titanic from here on their first trip. In April and May 1941 there was severe damage in the harbor and city by bombardment of the German Luftwaffe. In 1969, the civil strife began between the militant groups of Catholics and Protestants (the term today usually euphemistically of “troubles”). They were officially terminated in 1998 by the so-called Good Friday Agreement. The strongly inhibited development of the city was then under way: the economy and tourism developed more. 2009, the city of 9.3 million visitors.

At 16-17. June 2009 there were riots in Belfast against resident Romanians. According to the victims they left their homes, after there had been several nights in a row for attacks against them, which called racist slogans and smashed windows and doors had been entered. The police then evacuated on 17 June more than 100 Romanians to Ozone complex in Belfast, after spending a night in the City Church on University Avenue. At 31 May 2011 was a memorial service in Belfast at the launch of the Titanic on 31 May 1911 at the Harland & Wolff place, then the largest shipyard in the world.

belfast city Belfast, Ireland

belfast city

belfast castle Belfast, Ireland

belfast castle

belfast bridge Belfast, Ireland

belfast bridge

belfast at night Belfast, Ireland

belfast at night

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