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Beautiful Semarang Indonesia

by WCC on February 28, 2013

in Asia

Semarang is the capital city of Central Java, which is located in Indonesia. The city itself is located in the Northern part of Central Java. The name of the city is derived from the Javanese words ‘arang’ and ‘asem’, meaning ‘scarce tamarind. Although the city is more of business destination than meant for tourism, it still manages to attract people with its own unique charm, its modern mid-rises and Dutch Colonial architecture.

The city of Semarang has many monuments and museums that attract tourists. The most popular monument is Tuga Muda, which is one of the city’s landmarks. It is a commemoration of the Japanese soldiers and the

1680x1050 Semarang Beautiful Semarang Indonesia

Indonesian freedom fighters that had lasted for five days. There are many Dutch buildings around the monument that may equal interest for tourists, including Lewang Sewu, meaning ‘thousand doors’. The main attraction of

the building is its large stained glass window. The city also houses many museums that showcase Javanese culture and art as well as Indonesian and military records. Some of the more popular ones are Mandala Bhakti, which is a military museum, Museum Ronggowarsito, which houses objects from Javanese art and culture, Nyonya Meneer, which is a drink regarding a traditional Javanese drink and MURI, which is short for Museum Rekor Indonesia and features various Indonesian records.

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Semarang also has many religious and traditional buildings as well as various districts and ports that attract tourists with their own unique qualities. Some popular tourist destinations include, Sam Po Kong Temple, which built in honor of Cheng Ho, a Chinese Muslin commander, Gereja Blenduk, which is a Protestant church meaning ‘domed church’, Stasiun Tawang, which is the oldest railway in the city, Tanjung Mas, which was a port from the Dutch era and Simpang Lima, which is a large square in the heart of the city and also a good place to spend the night eating, drinking or simply wandering around the area.

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The city also features many locations that are perfect for families as well as those who simply want to spend a relaxing or enjoyable time. One of the places most suited for family recreation is Taman Budaya Raden Saleh, which is a gareden of more than eighty-nine thousand square meters. There are also many amusement parks that tourists can visit, including Water blaster, Catfish Park, Marina Beach and Ngaliyan Tirta Inda. Samarang also hosts many fairs, festivals and night markets that may interest tourists who want to get a more in depth knowledge of the city’s culture. Some of them include Semarang fair, Jateng fair, Wayang Orang Ngesti Pondowo, Dug Der festival and Semawis night market.

1600x12000 Semarang Indonesia Beautiful Semarang Indonesia

Tourists planning to visit the city of Semarang can make reservations at Gumaya Tower Hotel. It is conveniently located at a short distance not only from the city center but also the airport. The hotel offers various amenities and facilities for the comfort of guests including an outdoor pool, a spa and fitness center as well as a kids club for tourists traveling with families. The hotel boasts impeccable service as well as a high degree of comfort and relaxation for a memorable stay.

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