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by WCC on February 17, 2012

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Bangladesh is located in South Asia . It is bordered to the south by the Gulf of Bengal, on the southeast by Myanmar , and is otherwise of India enclosed.

bangladesh Bangladesh


The climate is subtropical and humid. Rain falls all year round, but especially during the monsoon season (April – October)! The summer is extremely humid and rainy. Also can occur in late summer cyclones. The temperatures reached in particular during the summer (March-April) to 40 degrees, sometimes higher. Flooding, especially during the monsoon period the rule. In early summer, strong thunderstorms are possible, may produce large hail. On the south-east coast it is warm in winter, the summers are very humid and it is often cloudy.

The winter becomes quite sunny and mild temperatures near the 30 degree mark is not excluded, but not the rule. The nights can be quite cool (below 10 degrees)! What many do not know Bangladesh is a tornado locally! Season is in spring and it comes from and dangerous to hail storms and tornadoes! HAZARDS: sultry heat, monsoon rains and associated flooding, cyclones, severe thunderstorms

Bangladesh is not a country that tourists often visit. Therefore, the locals get very rare to see Europeans. Therefore, they are very curious and sometimes intrusive. Which should be met with much composure, finally, here is the interest of “real” and not based only on profit. Otherwise, people are very helpful and polite. In Dhaka and in the larger cities there is always an internet cafe. So-called call-shops, of which one can make calls from all over the world, there are in almost every large village.

bangladesh football team 2012 Bangladesh

bangladesh football team 2012

bangladesh flag Bangladesh

bangladesh flag

bangladesh mosque Bangladesh

bangladesh mosque

bangladesh map Bangladesh

bangladesh map

bangladesh home Bangladesh

bangladesh home

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