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Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

by WCC on June 1, 2012

in Australia

Ballarat is a city with about 86,000 inhabitants in the state of Victoria in Australia , 120 kilometers west-northwest of Melbourne . It is the third largest city in the state and one of the largest non-final coastal towns in Australia. The city center is the Local Government Area Ballarat City . The name of Ballarat is derived from the Aboriginal term for “camp”.

Ballarat 550x412 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia


The place had a significant impact on the economic development of the State of Victoria and was in the middle of the 19th Century a center of the gold rush . The introduction of a compulsory license for prospectors led on 3 December 1854 to the Eureka Stockade rebellion, were killed in the course of 22 miners. The leaders were tried and acquitted, abolished the controversial license.

1858 in Ballarat, Australia’s third largest gold nugget ever found, 62.85 kg of heavy Welcome Nugget , which is why the town at that time had about 40,000 inhabitants. Today a fully reconstructed gold-mining town called Sovereign Hill , enthusiastic amateur actor in the visitors mind. The University of Ballarat , which offers among other things, graphic design and multimedia as a field of study is one of the best universities in Australia. At the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne on the rowing events were located within Ballarat’s Lake Wendouree outsourced.

Ballarat Map Location 550x367 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Ballarat Map Location

Ballarat cathedral 550x371 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Ballarat Cathedral

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