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Bali, Indonesia

by WCC on February 23, 2012

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Bali is one from 1949 to Indonesia and is the island belonging to the same province of that country. Its area is 5561 km ²,. Live in Bali 3.9 million inhabitants (2010) The capital is Denpasar .

bali 550x338 Bali, Indonesia


The first principle of Balinese cuisine is devotion. Of the food of the day is daily sacrificed before people eat them. Many dishes are specially prepared for ritual purposes and consumed after the ceremony. Food is prayer. The Indian and Arab merchants brought out merchandise, Hinduism and Islam with new spices such as ginger , cardamom and turmeric . With the Portuguese came the now indispensable in Balinese cooking chili . Dutch enriching the diet with potatoes and other European vegetables that grow well in the higher elevations of Bali. The Chinese are mainly brought noodles to Bali. rice to eat in Bali is more than a staple food, because food is synonymous with the Balinese rice. cassava and potatoes are served only occasional distractions. Even fast food chains serving all dishes with rice and French fries with only an additional charge. The second most important in the Balinese kitchen, which can not be ignored in all of Asia, many different spices. To ensure that all enclosures are strong, like seasoned extremely sharp. Balinese food is mostly stable without refrigeration throughout the day. Fish, meat and poultry are more expensive and consumed in small quantities as a side dish. Cows are sacred in principle, also in Bali. While it is thrown away a little, but as in a temple or as an offering will not beef in question. Pork is an everyday food and helps with fish (freshwater and seawater), seafood, meat goats, but also worms (Bekicot) for protein supply on. Even ducks as widespread livestock are essential for large banquets and sacrifices. Historically, cooling options are limited, so fish often salted or made ​​into fish paste. Essential is the coconut , which is one of the main crops for the island. Their milk , made ​​from an infusion of water and grated coconut is an excellent foundation for Curry dishes. Shredded coconut can be mixed with vegetables or fried with spices served as a side dish.

In everyday life, the food is not meted out their own role. What’s cooking in pleasurable labor, is often eaten with relish by the way, the social gatherings for the purpose of a meal does not matter much anyway because you’re together. Breakfast is not uncommon for a snack stand, where they quickly consumed some food that has brought the woman home from the market visit. Lunch is by the women of the household every morning freshly cooked and then kept on the dining table under a mosquito, in which the family members to operate during the day, when they arrive and be hungry again.

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bali temple

A popular snack is also rujak, a fruit salad of unripe fruits (especially of a special mango) or vegetables, served with a European tongues very unusual sauce of chilli, palm sugar , roasted shrimp paste and fish sauce , flavored with Lemo (no lime) and salt. Dinner is usually composed of the remains of dinner. For this purpose, omelets or fried noodles served the Chinese in the Indonesian cuisine established. Eating together, however, is reserved for feast days. At a party, there is no separate dining programs. Terms such as appetizer, soup, main dish or dessert to be inappropriate for the Balinese cuisine. You eat what’s on the table, in order of their liking.

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bali surfing

Most Balinese are still engaged in agriculture. The interior of the island is too mountainous for agriculture and the narrow coastal strip in the north and east are limited. The main growing area is located in the flat and very fertile south of the island. Rice is the staple food and the most important crop of the island and is produced mainly for their own use. Coconuts and pork are the main export products, as well as Arabica coffee , which in the highlands of Kintamani is good growing conditions. For personal use are grown mainly peanuts, chilies, onions, soybeans or other tropical vegetables and fruits.

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bali scuba panorama

The only significant industry, the textile industry. Cheap beach wear, partly made by women working at home will be marketed at home and abroad. Bali also exported a lot of crafts. Meanwhile, tourism is the main foreign exchange earner. Bali is the most visited tourist island in Indonesia. The island covers significant parts of its budget with funds from tourism. Today there are about 4 million visitors annually. Yet Bali has always kept its side of the Tourism distinct cultural identity. Of the approximately 5000 dance – and Gamelang Ruppen who hold their religious ceremonies regularly, only a few are active only for the tourists. Some places such as Kuta, Legian and Seminyak has evolved over the last few years, “westernized” strong. Most tourists come from Indonesia, Australia, Japan, Germany and the Netherlands. The Ngurah Rai International Airport is located near Jimbaran and Kuta.

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bali map

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bali indonesia

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bali beaches

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