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Baja California, Mexico

by WCC on March 6, 2012

in North America

Baja California is in the northwest of Mexico located, approximately 1,300 km long spit of land. Beginning in Tijuana, the desert covers most of the existing land of La Paz , to the Los Cabos (located between the towns of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo on the southern tip of the peninsula). Baja California is a spectacular desert landscape, alternating with isolated oases and the recreation area of ​​the Americans (Los Cabos). For recreation, highly recommended.

baja california landscape Baja California, Mexico

baja california landscape

Four wheel drive is extremey recommended if you want to explore the attractions of Baja. Ensenada is behind a paved road just of Highway No. 1 Will you leave it, all-wheel and spare tire to hand. Of Highway No. 1 from north to south is dangerous. It goes up into the mountains and mostly missing guardrails. A look into the depths shows many car wrecks that simply drive kicked off the road at night to wurden.Aus Therefore my recommendation.

The cuisine of the Baja is more or less the cuisine of Mexico. Taquerias are everywhere offering to the main court of the country or the Taco Taquito in all possible variations. In Restaurantes there to have the full range of Mexican cuisine in a well-known in Europe, fewer but much better method of preparation. The ingredients are adapted to the country, that is little but a lot of potatoes, beans (including the famous black), avocados, cactus leaves, corn (this also as a substitute for wheat, which occurs in Mexico rather little) and meat at its best. Fish is rare, because there is not a real fish on the coasts.

cabo baja california Baja California, Mexico

cabo baja california

baja california sunset Baja California, Mexico

baja california sunset

baja california punto chivato Baja California, Mexico

baja california punto chivato

baja california mexico la paz Baja California, Mexico

baja california mexico la paz

baja california photo Baja California, Mexico

baja california photo

Most should be taken when temperature data on the Internet that they are averages. This fact leads to a special importance in Baja, as the west, the Pacific is facing with its cool temperatures, impressively comfortable than the east side of the Gulf of California. Here, the water temperature up to 26 Celsius and it is damn hot during the day. The east side one should travel until November.

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