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Baguio, Philippines

by WCC on April 25, 2012

in Asia

Baguio City ( Ilokano : Ciudad ti Baguio , Filipino : Lungsod ng Baguio ) is a town in the north of the main Philippine island of Luzon . It lies 1500 meters above sea level in the Philippine Cordilleras , and was due to the associated colder temperatures in the 1910-1975 summer capital of the Philippines . During the winter months, Manila capital.

Baguio Rice Terraces Philippines 550x412 Baguio, Philippines

Baguio Rice Terraces Philippines

Numerous high-ranking politicians and prominent businessmen of the country maintained in Baguio luxury residences. The city also reached international fame with the temporary World Chess Championship 1978 between the then reigning world champion Anatoly Karpov of the former Soviet Union and his former compatriot, who had fled from the Soviet Union and the Grand Master was still stateless Viktor Korchnoi .

Baguio Wrightpark 550x412 Baguio, Philippines

Baguio Wrightpark

Baguio Philippines Girl 550x366 Baguio, Philippines

Baguio Philippines Girl

Baguio 550x412 Baguio, Philippines


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