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Azura at Quilalea, Mozambique

by WCC on April 2, 2012

in Africa

Azura at Quilalea is a beautiful island in the Quirimbas Archipelago private offshore located in northern Mozambique. The island is within the Quirimbas Archipelago Marine Sanctuary. The island is about 30 miles north of Pemba. The island is completely uninhabited outside the staff, so you can really get away from it all.

azura at quilalea Azura at Quilalea, Mozambique

azura at quilalea

Private Quilalea Iceland is a luxury eco-resort, comfortable accommodation in nine villas by the sea offers Villas have a rustic appearance, which punishes the comfort lies within. Each villa has all the modern conveniences you can imagine.

Private Quilalea Iceland is a marine reserve intact and was built around ecological principles. Electricity consumption is captured by solar and wind energy and water by rain rain water and desalination. Each suite has consumed more than controls, reduce the amount of electricity you one. Eco-fashion and luxury-mode, which lets you control to run air conditioners

Relax in a hammock under a huge baobab trees on the island or work on your tan on the beautiful beaches of white sand. Spend a morning indulge in a spa. Explore the island and go diving and snorkeling, and you can see green turtles, white tip sharks and batfish schools.

Private Quilalea Iceland is located in a marine reserve in the pristine Quirimbas Archipelago in Mozambique is located. The island is uninhabited except for personnel and it is covered with plants, including the huge old baobabs. The island has four white sand beaches, one of which, where the turtles come and nest.

Fly in
The closest major airport is in Pemba, where you can fly light aircraft in Quirimba island. It is a short drive through the cultivation of coconut to the coast, where you followed a boat to a private Quilalea Iceland, which can takes about 20 minutes.

Otherwise, on a private charter flight to Quirimba island, where you take a boat ride and can take from 20 minutes to Quilalea Iceland. If there is not thrown and the exception of a flood.

quilalea private island Azura at Quilalea, Mozambique

quilalea private island

quilalea island mozambique Azura at Quilalea, Mozambique

quilalea island mozambique

quilalea island resort Azura at Quilalea, Mozambique

quilalea island resort

quilalea island baobob trees Azura at Quilalea, Mozambique

quilalea island baobob trees

quilalea private island beach Azura at Quilalea, Mozambique

quilalea private island beach

quilalea island Azura at Quilalea, Mozambique

quilalea island

pin it button Azura at Quilalea, Mozambique

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