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Azadi Stadium, Iran

by WCC on May 4, 2012

in Asia

Originally in honor of Shah Reza Pahlavi Aryamehr Stadium  Renamed sports complex in Tehran is the largest sports stadium in Iran . It is regarded as the national stadium. The stadium was for the Asian Games, built in 1974 and then offered 140,000 spectators place. The stadium is located in west Tehran’s Azadi sports complex, part of which offers several training opportunities around the stadium.

Azadi Stadium 550x378 Azadi Stadium, Iran

Azadi Stadium

In the Azadi Stadium are all home games of the Iranian national football team instead. In addition, it is for exciting games of the Iranian Pro League (IPL) is used as a venue. 2002 there was an extensive renovation of the stadium. It seats were installed, so that the limited capacity of 100,000 spectators. In addition, the turf is replaced and set up a lawn heating and a scoreboard. On 9 Played here in October 2004, the German national football team against the national team of Iran (Result: 2-0 to Germany).

Azadi Stadium Tehran 550x335 Azadi Stadium, Iran

Azadi Stadium Tehran

Azadi Stadium Iran 550x412 Azadi Stadium, Iran

Azadi Stadium Iran

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