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Auckland, “The City of Sails”

by Jivi on October 17, 2012

in Oceania

Being New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland is a major tourist-drawer, with all its magnificent scenery and places of interests. It is located in the North Island and is the most populated metropolis in the country with a population of 1.38 million.

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It is dubbed as the “City of Sails” because of the numerous yachts you will see docked on its harbor. According to records, more than 60,000 of the nation’s 150,000 yachtsmen are from the Auckland region. It is home to several sailing clubs and hosts several nautical events every year.

When in Auckland, one of the most recognizable landmarks is the Sky Tower. It is a telecommunications and observation tower that is 328 meters tall, making it the Southern Hemisphere’s tallest free-standing structure.

aucland night 600x400 Auckland, “The City of Sails”

The Sky Tower contains a café, two restaurants, and three observation decks. Thrill-seekers can try the SkyJump, a 192-meter guide-cable-controlled jump from one of the observation decks and get that adrenaline rush. They can also walk around the Sky Tower ring and feast on the beauty of the skyline. The Auckland Sky Tower welcomes more than half a million visitors annually.

Another Auckland tourist spot that should not be missed is the Auckland Art Gallery. It is a public gallery that contains some of the world’s most extensive local and international art pieces — from paintings by European art masters to masterpieces by New Zealand’s very own contemporary artists.

Auckland Harbour Bridge Watchman 600x450 Auckland, “The City of Sails”

The Auckland Zoo, a 40-acre zoo that is home to more than 100 species of over 750 animals, attracts almost 700,000 visitors every year. It houses elephants, kangaroos, emus, baboons, hippopotamus, monkeys, zebras, giraffes, birds, flamingos, ostriches, penguins, sea lions, tortoises, otters, eels, pandas, porcupines, meerkats, tigers, lions, orangutans, cheetahs, wallabies, seals, rhinos, and many more exotic animals.

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After a long day of sightseeing in Auckland, Cornwall Park is a fine place to sit and relax. The park boasts of an extraordinary landscape design where a wide variety of trees, flowers, and plants thrive. It is a good place to walk dogs, jog, run, have a picnic, bike, and play sports such as cricket, rugby, and archery.

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