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by WCC on February 29, 2012

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The city of Athens is the capital of Greece. It was settled about 5000 years ago. Athens is the most populous and largest city in the country. The Municipality of Athens in the center of Athens-Piraeus urban area is relatively small. Athens in the broader sense includes the area of regional districts Athens Center, Athens, North, South Athens, Athens-West and surrounding suburbs with some 4 million inhabitants together.

athens Athens


As a cultural, historical and commercial center of Athens is also the country’s largest city of Greece. The airport is the most important of the country while abroad in the major ports of Piraeus and Rafina are, where the waterway to the numerous Greek islands will be handled. The national railway has Athens, however, no international significance.

The city has since the New Stone Age inhabited continuously and one of the oldest settlements and cities. In 1985, Athens first European Capital of Culture. In the List of World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987 was Acropolis and in 1990 the monastery of Dafni added. Athens was in place of the classical period of Athenian polis. During this period (5th century BC), resulting Athenian democracy is universal in the early forerunner of a historical perspective on the principle of popular sovereignty established political order.

athens greece Athens

athens greece

athens europe Athens

athens europe

athens city Athens

athens city

athens acropolis Athens

athens acropolis

ancient athens Athens

ancient athens

Athens is the most extensive level of landscape Attica with the rivers Ilisos and Kifisos and is surrounded on three sides by mountain ranges of Hymettus (1026 m), the Pentelikon (1107 meters), Parnes (1413 m) and Aegaleo (468 m), the fourth side opens to the sea, the Saronic Gulf.

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