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Asunción Travel Guide

by WCC on June 9, 2012

in South America

Asuncion is the capital of Paraguay in South America. It is located on the east bank of the Paraguay River in the southwest of the country. The city was on 15 August 1537 by the Spaniard Juan de Salazar y Espinoza, first as a fortress of “Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion in Santa Maria” was founded. From 1541 it developed into a city of the first streets and simple houses.

asunción paraguay Asunción Travel Guide

asunción paraguay

The International airport “Silvio Pettirossi”, Tel: 645 600 belongs geographically to Luque, the neighboring town of Asuncion. He is from the airline TAM, Gol (both Brazilian), Aerosur (Bolivian), Aerolineas Argentinas (Argentine) and Pluna (Uruguayan) served. The current flights are available on the website of the Paraguayan aviation authority DINAC be viewed. From the airport, a bus runs to central Paris. There are no official taxis at the airport, it does not, but private taxi drivers offering their services at the output. The center should normally not more than 100,000 – Guaraní are paid, prices are negotiable.

When leaving the airport tax is levied at the time of U.S. $31.00, the only cash can be paid in U.S. dollars or Guaraní. Tickets purchased in Europe include this fee in the meantime too. If necessary, you should inquire about that before in his travel agency.

At the central bus station (Terminal de Omnibus) , RCA. Argentina y Fernando de la Mora, Tel: 551 740 come, intercity buses to both from the larger cities of Paraguay and the neighboring countries of Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia (Santa Cruz de la Sierra only). The buses are usually very comfortable, air conditioned and depending on the company are included in international food and drink driving in the price.

Asunción city Asunción Travel Guide

Asunción city

In the center of the city, there are some historical buildings to museums have been converted. The House of independence (Casa de la Independencia) was built in colonial style. In different rooms, the original equipment can be seen from this period. 14 de mayo y Pte. Franco, Tel: 493 918, free admission. The Manzana de la Rivera contains changing exhibitions a small museum on the city’s history. From the terrace you have a nice view of the Palacio López , the Paraguayan president of the seat. Ayolas 129 y El Independiente Paraguayo, Tel: 442 448, free admission.

Also worth seeing is the old Senate building (Centro Cultural de la República “Cabildo”) on the Plaza Independencia . In different rooms can Indian and modern art to be admired. On the top floor of an exhibition of music and film in Paraguay is located. Even the room where the Senate met to 2003, is accessible to visitors. Avda. República c / Alberdi, Tel: 443 094, free admission. The main post office (Correo Central) , there is a small museum with a postal stamp exhibition. From the roof terrace looks out onto the Plaza Independencia . The old train station (Estación del Ferrocarril) is now no longer in operation. Nevertheless, the building was well maintained and houses a museum on the train trip to Paraguay. In the first room there are historical documents and photographs, in the second, a radio room will be inspected with original accessories. Also available on the concourse, the first locomotive and two carriages of Paraguay, which are also accessible. Eligio Ayala y México, entrance approximately 5,000-Gs.

asunción Asunción Travel Guide


The Panteon Nacional de los Héroes was modeled after Les Invalides in Paris. It houses urns containing the remains of some presidents and generals, who played in the history of Paraguay an important role. The victims of the Triple Alliance War to be honored here. Plaza de los Héroes, Palma and Chile, admission free Another attraction is the Cerro Lambaré . This 150 m high hill is the highest elevation of the city and offers a beautiful panoramic view in all directions. A monument on the plateau shows the most important people in Paraguayan history.

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