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Arkansas | United States of America

by WCC on March 8, 2012

in North America

Arkansas is a state in the United States. There are so many places: Little Rock, capital, Bentonville, El Dorado, Eureka Springs, Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Harrison, Hope, Hot Springs. The climate is humid subtropical, with influences from the Gulf of Mexico! In the north of the state can be observed and continental influences.

Arkansas Arkansas | United States of America

Winter: The winter is very cold and dry and nights can be chilly, but there can be periods of heat, where temperatures can reach 20 degrees during the day! Make it in this time of year especially noticeable when the north wind continental influences.

Spring: Spring can be described as warm, the weather teiweise is even hotter than the summer in Germany. Temperatures above 30 degrees are not uncommon and the air is often quite humid. Spring is the season for this region for tornado warning and the National Weather Service (NWS with their sub-division for distinctive weather, the SPC) should be taken very seriously. The heavy storms can tornados besides for large hail, torrential rain (English flash flood) and heavy gusts bring.

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Summer: Summer is very hot and humid. The midday temperatures are always about 30 or 35 degrees, but feel that due to the humidity is still very much hot as 40 degrees for example in Spain or Egypt! The nights offer at minimum temperatures of 20 – 24 degrees do not cool down. Will also be expected in the summer with severe thunderstorms constantly, even though statistically not as many tornadoes occur as in the spring, so you should still keep an eye on the weather!

Autumn: In autumn, temperatures are still relatively high in Arkansas, in September schonmal were measured 40 degrees, but the weather can also quickly turn into the cold area!
Generally one can say that the weather is warm and feuchtist in Arkansas. Dry and wet periods alternate with each other, which is often associated with severe thunderstorms. Hurricane, due to the inland location of Arkansas is no big problem, only the rest of hurricanes can reach the state!

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