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Ankara, Turkey

by WCC on March 28, 2012

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Ankara since 1923, the capital of Turkey and of the province Ankara. The city has 4,431,719 inhabitants (2010), making it to Istanbul, the second largest city in the country. Originally a thriving Phrygian settlement of the Persian King Street, it was the center of the Celtic tribe of Galatians, who settled around 230 BC in Asia Minor. 189 BC Ancyra of Cn. Was Manlius Vulso busy, but remained below the regional government.

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It was not until 25 BC it became the capital of the Roman province of Galatia . After successively by Romans , Persians , Arabs , the Seljuks and the Ottoman Empire was conquered (1361), it finally sank into relative insignificance. On 20 July 1402 suggested Timur at Ankara, the Ottoman army under Bayezid I, and captured this. It was capital of the Sanjak in Eyalet Anadolu in 1841 and became the administrative seat of the newly formed eyalets (1867 Vilayet) in Ankara. From 1892 Ankara was the Anatolian Railway connected with Istanbul.

On 23 April 1920, at the beginning of the Turkish liberation struggle against the occupation troops of the British, Greeks, Italians and French, was here the new Parliament opened. The old Ottoman Parliament was under pressure from the British occupation, and many of its members were arrested after it was disbanded by the British and deported to Malta.

When the Greek occupation forces after 1921 to Polatlı about 60 km from Ankara and penetrated by the economy in the throes Turkish nation-state was threatened, Parliament even considered to Kayseri , about 300 kilometers southeast of Ankara to move. After the First World War and the demise of the Ottoman Empire was in Ankara on 13th by a law October 1923 by the Republicans and liberation fighters, led by Kemal Atatürk because of its location in Central Anatolia and in conscious distinction to the Ottoman capital Istanbul prior to the proclamation of the republic declared its capital.

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On 28 March 1930 was the capital of the Latin alphabet in place of the usual modern Greek form of the name until then the official name of Angora Ankara. This notation was in the Ottoman-Turkish since the 19th Century in official use. The name has evolved from Greek via Arabic Anḳira Ancyra and Anḳuriyya Engüriye to Turkish, and finally Engürü Ankara. In 2009 the city was honored for her outstanding efforts towards European integration with the European Prize awarded.

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