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Travel Guide to Vacation in Anguilla

by WCC on February 23, 2012

in North America

Anguilla is a British overseas territory in the Caribbean. Anguilla is a British overseas territory in the Caribbean. The land is flat, a few hills, few trees, the highest point just 230 feet (70 m) high. The inhabitants are British nationals but not citizens of the European Union. About 90% of the population is Afro-Caribbean origin, ie descendants of former black African slaves.

anguilla Travel Guide to Vacation in Anguilla


The East Caribbean dollar (EC $) is used not only in Anguilla, but except in all former British colonies and overseas territories present, Barbados. The EC $ is thus also a means of payment to St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada. It is linked to the U.S. dollar fixed exchange rate fixed to: 1 USD = 2,70 EC$.

Visitors to Anguilla are as follows:70% of U.S., 14% of French Antilles and the Netherlands Antilles, 5% United Kingdom, 2% of Canada, 0.7% in Germany, In April 2002 13.140 visitors arrived by ferry and by plane manageable 4494, so everything and no mass tourism.

anguilla coyaba Travel Guide to Vacation in Anguilla

anguilla coyaba

The only international airport Wallblake Airport is on the southern outskirts of the capital. The runway was extended 2005/2006. But there are no direct flights to the U.S. or Europe. The Fluglatz once daily by American Eagle and American Airlines from San Juan served from. LIAT and WinAir fly regularly and Coastal Air Charter has the island in the program.

anguilla resorts Travel Guide to Vacation in Anguilla

anguilla resorts

Charter flights can be at Trans Anguilla Airways Book (TAA), airport, phone 497-8690, fax 497-8689. TAA offers: Mondays and Fridays after ST. Barth, U.S. $ 150 per person, minimum 4 persons; Tuesdays and Thursdays to St. Kitt’s & Nevis, 195 U.S. $, minimum 4 persons; Wednesdays to Tortola / Virgin Gorda U.S. $ 245, minimum 4 people, all flights are subject to taxes.

anguilla shoal beach Travel Guide to Vacation in Anguilla

anguilla shoal beach

From St. Martin (F), one can see not only in Anguilla with naked eye, it is also very close to it Caribbean conditions, so you can swim fast. Consequently, it is also one of the few islands that you can achieve with a regular ferry service every half hour (journey time 20 minutes).
Marigot / Saint Martin (F) at the ‘Front de Mer’ is the ferry terminal, appropriately enough, in the extension of the “rue d’Anguille”.

First you have to enter their personal details including passport number into the ship’s manifest, then the departure tax (departure tax / taxe de départ) pay € 2 or $ 2, then it goes on board the ferry. Price for the 20 minute crossing: (payable on board) $10.

While driving on the left herrschft on Anguilla, but the cars have no rights but left hand drive. The speed limits: urban 20 miles out of town 30 miles, is also on lonely stretches max. 40 miles allowed, but not too fast you should go. Place and street signs and road markings are not present. Geiches applies to buses. There are only taxis or rental cars.

In most cases, arrive in Blowing Point Harbour, the ferry from Anguilla. Here is the passport control and immigration, many are also looked into the bag and the suitcase. After checking in, you will leave the small annex Fährgebaude Customs Office and is available in Anguilla.
There is a small switch at the output of the Anguilla Tourist Board, where you can immediately free a map entitled. The next storm a handful of taxi drivers too, some are trying to get somewhere.
The prices are fixed by the Government, and all taxi drivers to run around with a batch of the Government of Anguilla. From the walk is due to the absence of any road signs and the absence of shade trees recommended.
The capital of “The Valley” has 500 inhabitants. As I warned the guide Petit Futé: Anguilla, there is not much to see, it’s all because of the tranquility and the incredible white sandy beaches and picturesque bays.

The Valley is a colorful aggregations of detached single-storey buildings, street names do not exist. In addition to the Post Office, Telecom (Cable & Wireless Anguilla), some government buildings, two supermarkets, a petrol station, library, mixed up with single-family homes, undeveloped desert dazw. always wanted.
The beach at Crocus Bay is located about 1 mile north of The Valley. In addition to Crocus Bay, there is the Little Bay with cliffs up to 180 feet high and ’round the corner’ Flat Cap Point.

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