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Anavilhanas – Brazil

by WCC on May 16, 2012

in South America

Anavilhanas is an archipelago and ecological station in the state of Amazonas, in Brazil. Located in the Black River, about 70 km upstream of Manaus, in this place, the river reaches a width of 27 km. It is the largest freshwater archipelago in the world with about 400 islands. A winding island chain that extends over 90 kilometers.

anavilhanas natioal park Anavilhanas   Brazil

anavilhanas natioal park

During the high water season, half of which is submerged, forming the floating forest, an immensity of creeks and canals. A dense vegetation provides refuge for diverse birds, butterflies, lizards, rodents, monkeys, or snakes. Aquatic life of your wastewater is extremely rich: several fish species, like the famous Pirarucu, the peacock bass, piranha, live there as well as alligators, dolphins and manatees.

Anavilhanas Brazil Anavilhanas   Brazil

Anavilhanas Brazil

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