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Amazônia National Park – Brazil

by WCC on May 15, 2012

in South America

The Amazonia National Park is located in the city of Itaituba in the Southwestern region of the state of Pará , Brazil . It has an area of 945,851.00 (ha). The perimeter of the park is 508,366.413 meters. It is administered by the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation – ICMBio.

Amazônia National Park Amazônia National Park   Brazil

Amazônia National Park

The best time to visit the Amazon National Park is between the months of July and December, when the rains subside. During the visit is possible to observe a great diversity of plant and animal species. The people themselves build the local trails in gently rolling topography, leading to waterfalls, beaches and mountains of the Rio Tapajós . The tourist also goes through other cities, the river excursion, which includes venture between rapids , outcrops , beaches , sand banks and creeks .

As the Amazon National Park has no structure to house the visitors, one alternative is to stay in boats near the park. Another curiosity is that the existence of the Indians prevented the creation of more reserves. The number of employees is small compared with the size of the place: they are 11, three are from ICMBio and eight who take care of monitoring and cleaning. The infrastructure has a Toyota (1989), a Pampa (1989), an aluminum boat, an outboard motor (3 HP) communication system (fax radios and 8 – 5 3 mobile and fixed). 75% of the total area is regulated. The visitors have three ways to get to the park. By plane via Belém / Manaus / Itaituba , river, the Rio Tapajos from Santarem leaving until I taituba . Or bus going by Trans (BR – 230).

Amazonia national park rainforest Amazônia National Park   Brazil

Amazonia national park rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is and always has been one of the great heritage of Brazil . The grandeur of the Amazon rainforest , with an endless amount of animal and plant species caused it to be known as the most biologically diverse region on the planet. To preserve the region, frequent victim environmental crimes, was established in 1974 , the Amazon National Park .

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