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Amazonia – Brazil

by WCC on May 15, 2012

in South America

The Amazon is a big river in South America. There is also a state in Brazil with the same name, which is drained by the Amazon River. The Amazon is the most water flow of the earth. In its catchment area is about one-fifth of all fresh water world. Most of its route it passes through a tropical rain forest, which houses a variety of indigenous groups. In the Amazon region, there are few large cities, the region as a whole is very sparsely populated.

amazonia brazil Amazonia   Brazil

amazonia brazil

Main means of transportation is by boat. For passenger traffic are still used the traditional wooden steamer Amazon, where they are now powered by diesel engines. Many villages also have a landing strip for aircraft propellers, as air taxis that transport passengers and cargo. It is in the Amazon region are very few streets, sometimes in the rainy season are not passable. Consequently, there is all the great places and also a lot smaller right on the Amazon or its tributaries.

amazonia brazil river Amazonia   Brazil

amazonia brazil river

The climate in the Amazon region is tropical and humid all year round and, accordingly, humid and warm. The rainy season is roughly from November to May During this time the water level of the sidewalk Amazon and its tributaries by several meters in so many areas that are flooded. Therefore, the dry season from June to October is recommended as the travel time. But you should be aware that even in the dry season rains often enough. It is during the dry season a little hotter than in the rainy season.

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