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Almería, Spain

by WCC on June 13, 2012

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Almeria is a municipality Spanish and a city, capital of the same and the homonymous province, belonging to the autonomous community of Andalusia. It is the nerve center of the Metropolitan Region of Almeria, in the extreme southeast of the Iberian peninsula and the region of Almeria tourist-Cabo de Gata-Nijar. Is surrounded to the west the Sierra de Gador, north Sierra Alhamilla and in the east valley and delta of the river Andarax and beyond, a plain which culminates in the Sierra de Cabo de Gata. To the south, the harbor and the coastline is open to a wide bay on the Mediterranean Sea.

almeria Almería, Spain almeria

It is the seat of the judicial district No. 1 in the province and diocese that bears his name. In 2005 he was also host the XV Mediterranean Games. It was founded in 955 d. C. by Rahman III at a site previously dominated by other cities as the Iberian Urci or Roman Portus Magnus and played a key role during the Caliphate of Córdoba, becoming the largest port in the al-Andalus Umayyad. It reached its peak during the Taifa, in the eleventh century, becoming the reign of Almotacín in a commercial and cultural emporium.

After joining the Crown of Castile in 1489, the population was decimated by earthquakes, plagues and pirate raids. The recovery was not evident until the late nineteenth century, the resurgence of the mining and export of the grape Ohanes, and again from the 60′s of XX century, thanks to the explosion of intensive agriculture, the tourism the construction industry and marble. Among its historical, artistic, include the Alcazaba Muslim (centuries X to XV), the cathedral-fortress of the Incarnation (XVI century), the loading of ore or English Cable (late nineteenth century) and the Museo de Almería Opened in 2006.

almeria spain Almería, Spain almeria spain almeria city Almería, Spain almeria city

With a population of 190,349 inhabitants in 2011, is a town of growing importance in the economic, cultural and sports, and an important communications hub thanks to its port and airport recently remodeled international. They are concluding the works of Science and Technology Park of Almeria. Also are building the infrastructure necessary for the rail link with high-speed trains (AVE).

almeria castle Almería, Spain almeria castle almeria beach Almería, Spain almeria beach almeria at night Almería, Spain almeria at night pin it button Almería, Spain

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