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Alice Springs, Australia

by WCC on May 30, 2012

in Australia

Alice Springs is the only major city near the geographical center of Australia and in this capacity, the infrastructure gateway to the Australian Outback , at least 1,500 kilometers from all other major capitals. It is located in the Northern Territory and has about 22,000 inhabitants.

Alice Springs 550x366 Alice Springs, Australia

Alice Springs

Alice Springs was built in 1872, in the course of construction of the Trans-Australian telegraph line . The communication scientist and astronomer Charles Todd was a director of postal services on behalf of the colonial government of South Australia is responsible for this project. As the Telegraph compounds due to the resistance of the lines could be bridged only a limited distance, had a number of telegraph stations will be built in the middle of the outback. One of them was Alice Springs.

Who as a surveyor in the service of William Whitfield Mills standing of this project the task of selecting suitable site for the telegraph station. He was on the edge of the MacDonnell Ranges, a large pond, which he mistook for a source, in honor of the wife of his boss, Alice Todd, he named the waterhole Alice Springs . It is part of a riverbed, which only leads to heavy rains, water that will last longer but at this point. Here was the telegraph station , now a museum built, and was named the waterhole.

The settlement grew out of the present-day Alice Springs was built, four miles south of the telegraph station and called Stuart (Town) – in honor of explorer John McDouall Stuart , who in 1862 made ​​it the first way through the Red Centre to the north coast. The small town of barely moved, but without the necessary infrastructure settlers. The population has multiplied only when the Great Northern Railway in 1929 reached the settlement. In 1933 the telegraph station was moved to Stuart and renamed the place in Alice Springs. Economic base of the Red Centre were extensive cattle grazing, mining and camel farms. The development of tourism since around 1970 and today the city opened new perspectives in the hotel and catering industry, retail and art trade.

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Alice Springs Australia

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