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Alicante, Spain

by WCC on June 11, 2012

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Alicante is a Spanish port city on the Costa Blanca, with 334,329 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011). Alicante to Valencia, the most important city of the Autonomous Valencian Community. It is the capital of the homonymous province. Its economy is based mainly on tourism and wine production. In addition to wine are also olive oil and fruit exports. There are light industries like food processing, and a leather – textile and stoneware industry. In addition, Alicante since 1994 the seat of the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market in the European Economic Area.

alicante Alicante, Spain


The oldest evidence of human settlement in the urban area can be found in the “Cova del Fum” in Fontcalent from the third millennium BC. South of the airport of Alicante, at the mouth of the River Segura, is the oldest settlement in the area, the Phoenicians founded La Fonteta from the 9th Century BC until 500 years later, Alicante was 324 BC by the Greeks as Akra Leuke founded. 201 BC it was the Romans conquered it Lucentum called (3 km north of present-day downtown). Hannibal is here his famous elephants have unloaded. Between 718 and 1249 was the city from the Moors ruled that they in Al LUCANT renamed. In 1265 it was James I conquered, and the kingdom of Aragon included.

The most important celebration in Alicante are the Hogueras de San Juan on 24 June, the Fallas in Valencia are similar. These locust fires burned throughout the city house-high, ornate sculptures. The Hogueras also a Fireworks Championships will be held. Before Easter processions found in Alicante for Semana Santa instead. The residents of the San Blas celebrate the Moros y Cristianos. On the second Thursday after Easter, the day is the “Romería de la Santa Faz”, a pilgrimage to a little outside Alicante situated monastery, in which a sheet with the face imprint of Christ is venerated as a relic. The relic is from the 15th century the monastery, you are said to have miraculous.

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alicante wallpaper

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alicante spain

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alicante port

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alicante castle

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alicante beach

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