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Alghero, Italy

by WCC on June 6, 2012

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Alghero is a city in the province of Sassari in the Italian island of Sardinia. Linguistically, it is a Catalan speaking area of importance. Alghero has 40,965 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2010) on an area of 225 square kilometers and is located on the west coast (geographical location: 40° 33 ‘North, 8° 19′ E). The old town has many medieval monuments, typical of medieval towns in the area of the Crown of Aragon are. Thick walls surround the old town, perched on a rocky outcrop. Narrow alleys and stone steps lead to the squares and churches.

alghero Alghero, Italy alghero

Today the city is one of the most beautiful old towns and the harbor is a center of Sardinian tourism. The old town is characterized by a lively bustle of narrow streets. Many stores, including many souvenir – and jewelry shops make strolling a pleasure entertaining. It will offer much more coral jewelry, coral because the processing is here in Alghero, which is also known as coral city, a long tradition. Originally came from the Capo Caccia, the coral, which is however now under strict conservation. The many hotels and restaurants offer a varied and very good food, especially fish and seafood are prepared. Nowhere in Sardinia, there are more hotels than in Alghero. Countless churches, piazzas and towers next to the ramparts, the museums, the aquarium and the beaches north of the city’s attractions.

The city stretches across suburbs as Fertilia from the surrounding area. The environment, the coast road to Bosa and the pass road to Villanova Monteleone include, in addition to the nuraghi of Palmavera and the Domus de Janas – Necropolis of Anghelu Ruju and Santu Pedru to the sights of the surrounding area.

alghero skyline Alghero, Italy alghero skyline alghero wallpaper Alghero, Italy alghero wallpaper

Anghelu Ruiu: Five miles north of Alghero has been discovered only in 1905, the nuragic necropolis Anghelu Ruiu. It dates from around 3300-2500 BC and is one of the most important and largest plants in Sardinia. The 38 graves that make up the archaeological site will appear in the structure of residential buildings. In the Domus de Janas, the rock tombs, it has many valuable grave goods gefunder. They can be seen in the Archaeological Museum of Cagliari and Sassari

The harbor is a good starting point for sightseeing. From the bustling Piazza di Maddalena Bastion has a beautiful view of the boats moored here and the Gulf. On the bastions of La Maddalena closes at the Porta a Mare. Through it leads directly into the old town. But the Bastioni Magellano can be reached from here. The bastions are particularly happy to visit for its lovely views over the harbor and the bay.

alghero italy Alghero, Italy alghero italy alghero city Alghero, Italy alghero city alghero beach Alghero, Italy alghero beach pin it button Alghero, Italy

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