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Albufeira, Portugal

by WCC on May 15, 2012

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Albufeira is a city, a county (concelho) and community (freguesia) at the Algarve in southern Portugal. Albufeira has a roughly 2,000-year history. The Romans called it Baltum or Balteus. The Arabic name for the area was al-buhere, “castle on the sea” translation. The city was built on the rocks because of their position as impregnable. The Muslims were only 1249 of Afonso III. be driven from the city. Following the earthquake of Lisbon in 1755 the city was destroyed almost completely. A tsunami flooded the lower city.

albufeira beach Albufeira, Portugal

albufeira beach

Albufeira was in 1823 during the bloody conflict between liberals and Istas Miguel Miguel Paulista, surrounded by the guerrillas under Remexido and set alight. A portion of the population was massacred. Reminiscent of the old city today, almost nothing. Where they once stood on the highest point of the town (Rua da bateria), today are the old town hall, a hospital and a bell tower. Albufeira received its town charter in 1986.

The economy is driven largely by tourism. So we have to the 30,000 inhabitants are still about 300,000 vacationers in the summer, living in the more than 160 hotels and resorts. The city is connected by a tunnel to the beach of Praia do Peneco. In addition, stairways come from the ancient castle and the beach and beach access through the hotel grounds.

albufeira portugal Albufeira, Portugal

albufeira portugal

albufeira old town Albufeira, Portugal

albufeira old town

albufeira hotel Albufeira, Portugal

albufeira hotel

albufeira city Albufeira, Portugal

albufeira city

albufeira at night Albufeira, Portugal

albufeira at night

albufeira Albufeira, Portugal


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