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Acapulco, Mexico

by WCC on March 20, 2012

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Acapulco de Juarez is the largest city in the state of Guerrero in Mexico and the administrative seat of the homonymous municipality, which covers around the city still 169 more smaller towns. Colloquially, it is “Acapulco” is known. Acapulco is located on the Pacific coast and is in addition to its economic importance as an industrial port primarily known as an international resort.

acapulco mexico Acapulco, Mexico

acapulco mexico

Acapulco was at least a millennium, a crossroads of trade routes. The name comes from the language of Nahuatl and means “level of the dense reeds”. The oldest finds (getöpferte utensils and tools for grinding grain) come from the third millennium BC. Later evidence shows curvy female figures. There are hypotheses that are at the beginning of the era around Influence of Polynesia should have been. Artifacts that were found in the highlands of Mexico, indicate tribute and trade relations. Acapulco may never fully under the control of the Mixtecs , Aztecs and others have been. The town in 1531 by Hernán Cortés discovered and quickly developed into the most important Pacific port of Mexico.

Acapulco is located on the Pacific coast about 300 kilometers southwest of Mexico City . The city was founded on a narrow strip that barely a half miles wide. It lies between the coast and the mountains that surround the deep, semicircular bay on the north and east. The municipality covers an area of 1882.6 km ² and includes smaller towns that are located outside the actual city limits. The climate is tropical, with year-round high to very high temperatures around 27 ° C. 16 km long sandy beaches offer good conditions for tourism. Precipitation is concentrated in the northern summer , during the northern winter is mostly dry and sunny.

acapulco oaxaca mexico Acapulco, Mexico

acapulco oaxaca mexico

Acapulco is divided into Acapulco tradicional with the harbor and the Old City and Acapulco Dorado , the kilometer-long street with the skyscrapers and luxury hotels. In recent years the city was in the south ( Acapulco Diamante ) expanded with new luxury hotels. The main beach is the Playa Icacos . Besides the beaches are Playa Caleta and the Pie de la Cuesta . Outside is located in the South Bay beach in Puerto Marques.

acapulco tourist destination la quebrada cliff Acapulco, Mexico

acapulco tourist destination la quebrada cliff

acapulco city Acapulco, Mexico

acapulco city

acapulco beach sunset Acapulco, Mexico

acapulco beach sunset

The establishment of trade routes from Spain to Mexico to the Philippines and to China helped Acapulco became an important port and the Pacific region upstream of frequent ship traffic. The goods from Asia were from Acapulco overland to Vera Cruz and brought from there shipped to Spain. The result was that pirates now not only in the Caribbean acted, but also in the eastern Pacific. They robbed the ships of Spanish conquistadors before the arrival in Acapulco and attacked the city several times. In order to protect the goods and the city, were the conquistadors built 1615, the fort Fuerte de San Diego. It was responsible for the architecture of Adrian Boot, who already crucial in the construction of Fuerte de San Juan de Ulúa in Vera Cruz, the counterpart to the Caribbean side of the trade route, was involved. After two years of construction, protected the building trade for over 150 years of Spanish, until 1776 a strong earthquake destroyed the fortress. Two years later, although the reconstruction began, but the port is not re-gained its old meaning, partly because the British had emerged as the most important naval power and controlled the trade routes from Europe to Asia. During the Mexican War of Independence against Spain took José María Morelos and his troops in 1813 the fortress with a night attack. She later served as a barracks, hospital and prison. Today, a spacious museum is housed in it. Topics are out of their own history of the Spanish-and Mexican-Asian trade routes and various pirate trials. The exhibitions are protected by an air conditioner against the extreme heat and high humidity in Acapulco. From the Zocalo, the central square of traditional Mexican cities, there are only ten minutes walk to the Fuerte de San Diego. The building is still right on the harbor, just across the street from the investor for the large cruise ships.

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