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January 2013

Ho Chi Minh City, Wonderful

by WCC on January 31, 2013

in Asia

Ho Chi Minh City is more commonly known as Saigon, or abbreviated to HCMC. It is Vietnam’s largest city and a former capital of the now South Vietnam. Although, in the minds of many people, the place is linked with war, the city, with its many intriguing attractions, is still worth exploring. Even though the city had been on the skids since the war, it still managed to pick itself up and gradually returned to life after the 1990’s.

1920x1080 Ho Chi Minh City Gov Building Ho Chi Minh City, Wonderful

Ho Chi Minh City is not only Vietnam’s largest but also its largest port and its commercial headquarters. It is a young Asian country by most standards, but one that is rich in history filled with stories of recent Vietnamese

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Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands and country’s largest city, is also its creative, cultural and financial center. The city offers something for the taste of every traveler, whether its culture and history projected in its world-famous museums and architecture or simple relaxing charm with its beautiful canals that crisscross the city.

1920x1080 Amsterdam on the Water Amsterdam, the Heart of the Netherlands

The city of Amsterdam is divided into various districts, the most visited of which is the old district, which is famous for its canals, traditional architecture, shopping as well as a multitude of coffee shops. The other districts in the city offer their own unique places to explore. Tourists can exploring the relaxing and intriguing botanical gardens and Artis zoo in the Plantage district, or take a stroll in the charming and vast suburban Old West district,

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Paphos – Love and Beauty amid History

January 26, 2013

In the southwestern part of Cyprus, lies a coastal city of great historical importance, the city is  Paphos. The ancient city of Paphos is a land of myth and legend. It has been inhabited since the Neolithic era and still bears several remnants of its glorious past. The island is believed to be the birthplace […]

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Bangkok – About Contrasts and Surprise

January 16, 2013

Vibrant and fast-paced life but snail-paced traffic, modernized but traditionally rooted, culturally diverse yet there is some similarity in that diversity, nightclubs and temples, skyscrapers and street markets – call it the Sin City or the City of Angels, but Bangkok will surely strike you like a bolt from the blue and at the same […]

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Bora Bora – Mystically Beautiful

January 14, 2013

Waking up in an over water bungalow, you see the soaring forest covered twin peaks trying to touch the vast azure sky, in the midst of a lagoon reflecting the shades of blue and green, with distant views of white-sanded islets and all this surrounded by a shell-like necklace of coral reef  – this is […]

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Iceland – Alive and Enchanting Wilderness

January 10, 2013

The land of fire and ice boasts of wild beauty and an array of natural wonders. It holds the power to inspire you, astound you, mystify you, excite you and brim you with life. Iceland has a plethora of mighty volcanoes, thundering waterfalls, gushing geysers, hot springs, bubbling mudpots, majestic glaciers and lots of green […]

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