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September 2012

The passion and mystery of Seville, Spain

by WCC on September 29, 2012

in Europe

The southern side of Spain is full of contradictions. When roaming the streets of Seville, a gorgeous city full of ancient landmarks, palm trees and wafting flamenco music, you may notice a few things are done differently here. While many locals indulge on plates of cheese, bread and cured ham, many still boast slim frames. Kids often speak only when asked a question, but are included in a night out with the family, well past a normal bedtime. It’s rare to hear a please or thank you in coffee shops, but if you forgot your wallet the barista may just say to pay her back tomorrow. Men are respectful and friendly even though women are often scantily clad under the hot sun.

 spain square center of seville The passion and mystery of Seville, Spain



All of these things make Seville one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Steeped in traditions of Judaism, Catholicism and Islam, all of these ancient faiths have influence over the architecture and history. On the other hand, only steps from the cobblestones and gothic cathedral is a buzzing, modern metropolis that offers locals and tourists alike to dance the night away and find their Spanish “duende”, or soul. You can also venture across the Guadalquivir River to see the more rustic and residential area of town, full of small eateries, parks and stunning views of the lazy waterway.

 cathredal of seville spain The passion and mystery of Seville, Spain


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So, where does one start after they get off the plane, boat or bus in this destination? Some would argue everything has to head straight for the cathedral in the old town. Called the largest Gothic church in the world, the outside is staggering and covered in intricate details. Inside, the city hosts many special events, masses and more that guests can attend. Experiencing the breathtaking Alcazar palace next door can’t be missed either for its Arabic inscriptions along the interior.

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Top 8 Cities You Must Visit in Japan

by WCC on September 17, 2012

in Asia

If you are planning on visiting Japan, prepare to be very busy, as there is much to see and do in this historic country. It is a place where  technology and ancient traditions combine beautifully and harmoniously. This country has a unique and distinctive charm all its own. Regardless of the city you choose to visit, your stay will be unique and memorable.

top 8 cities to visit in japan Top 8 Cities You Must Visit in Japan

We have created a list of cities that your visit is mandatory in Japan. We take from several trusted sources about places that have a lot of interesting attractions to tourists. [click to continue…]

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Top 10 Most Attractive Cities to Visit in United States

September 16, 2012

Planning on traveling to the United States? There are 50 States, making this superpower country a diverse landscape of people and places. You may be hard to visit all country or city in the United States. For that reason, we make a list of 10 cities that are worth a visit in the United States. […]

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